Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs December 10, 2014

Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs
December 10, 2014

12 GeV Upgrade

The first Coil Cold Mass for the Hall B Torus magnet arrived at Jefferson Lab from Fermilab last month. After addition of some sensor wiring, it was checked for any structural and electrical issues by cooling to liquid nitrogen temperature, and the coil passed with flying colors, after which it was moved to the cryostat factory area in the Test Lab and work was begun to enclose it in its vacuum cryostat.  The second CCM is readied for its second and final epoxy potting in its case at Fermilab, after which it will be shipped here. The third CCM is halfway through winding, and the fourth is having its initial parts set up for winding next at Fermilab. The assembly spit for the Torus has been placed and aligned in Hall B, and the cold hub, the first permanent part of the Torus to be added, is installed on it. Pre-assembly of the Torus thermal shields is complete at Jefferson Lab, as well as advance welding of the parts for the vacuum jackets. The practice coil winding for the Hall B Solenoid was completed, epoxy-potted and tested at the vendor and was then shipped to Jefferson Lab. Here, electrical tests were performed, the coil was mapped at low current, and the coil was then sectioned in the shop to check the quality of the epoxy potting. As a result, the vendor was told to proceed to schedule a manufacturing review of the coil winding and epoxy potting, which will take place Dec. 17; after the review, winding of the production prototype coil will commence.  


Jefferson Lab Published Journal Articles Nov. 30-Dec. 5

  • M. Contalbrigo et al. "The large-area hybrid-optics CLAS12 RICH detector: Tests of innovative components." Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A 766 22 (2014). (Proceedings of the Eighth International Workshop on Ring Imaging Cherenkov Detectors - RICH2013 - Shonan, Kanagawa, Japan, Dec. 2-6, 2013).
  • Ruben Flores-Mendieta, Jose L. Goity. "The baryon vector current in the combined chiral and 1/Nc expansions." Phys. Rev. D 90 114008 (2014).
  • M. Mihovilovic et al. (Jefferson Lab Hall A Collaboration). "Measurement of double-polarization asymmetries in the quasi-elastic 3He(e,e'd) process." Phys. Rev. Lett. 113 232505 (2014).
  • Tech Note: Peter Kneisel et al. "Performance of 650 MHz Single Cell Cavities Made From Various Types of Niobium." JLAB-TN-14-018.

Remember to submit your papers for approval to the Jefferson Lab Publications database.

Center for Theoretical and Computational Physics

A new analysis studies the semi-inclusive deep inelastic scattering (SIDIS) cross section as a function of the transverse momentum, qT, utilizing soft gluon re-summation techniques. The authors find that the commonly used prescription of matching the re-summed cross section to a fixed order collinear calculation through the so-called Y-factor is problematic, and its treatment requires special attention. Experimental data spanning a wide region of qT are needed for future phenomenological and theoretical exploration of the SIDIS process.

Jefferson Lab Calendar of Events

Dec. 15-16: PREX/CREX Collaboration meeting
Dec. 17: Colloquium: Assembling Carbon Nanotubes for Advanced Applications
Dec. 22: Safety Shoe Vendor on-site
Dec. 24-Jan. 2: Holidays and Shutdown Days, Jefferson Lab closed


Environment, Safety, Health and Quality

Take Care with Poisons at Home for the Holidays
The holiday season is in full swing, which means for many that our homes will have visitors of all ages and varying levels of parental supervision. To that end, have you eliminated potential sources of poisons or narcotic medications from the reach of children and teenagers? Accidental poisonings are one of the leading causes of death of younger children.

Some holiday plants are poisonous if vigorously rubbed or eaten. For instance, the leaves and stems of poinsettias can cause blisters, swelling and irritation. Further, ingesting poinsettia or holly berries can potentially be life threatening. If you have young children of your own or will have young visitors, be sure to place these and other plants or decorations that may cause harm out of reach of younger children.

Also remember to check your household chemicals and medications and store these out of reach or in a secure location while younger visitors are present.

Computing and Networking Infrastructure

Zimbra Email and Calendar Upgrade
The Zimbra email and calendar system will be upgraded on Jan. 2, 2015. During the upgrade, there will be intermittent outages as systems are upgraded and rebooted. Current plans are to start the upgrade at around 8 a.m. All email should be back up and stable by 8 p.m. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this upgrade, contact the IT Division Helpdesk at or x7155.

CNI Systems Maintenance Period Set for Tuesday, Dec. 16, 5-10 p.m.
The IT Division's CNI group is planning a maintenance period on Tuesday, Dec. 16, 5-10 p.m. During this time, there may be a short incoming email delay while the certificates are updated on several Zimbra email servers. There may also be a short, intermittent outage to the Crytpocard servers; this may cause issues with logging in to the hallgw, and acclogin systems until the update process is completed. Also, updates to Flash Player, Firefox and Thunderbird will be released to all desktop systems. During the maintenance period, there may be some intermittent outages to Common User Environment webservers while system updates are installed. Additionally, patches will be released to all MIS servers; MIS services will be offline for a few minutes while the servers are rebooted after patch installation, and all services should be back online by 10 p.m. Finally, patches will be released to all Windows and Linux systems on-site. Plan on rebooting your desktop system on Thursday or Friday to finalize  patch installation. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the IT Division Helpdesk at or x7155.


2015 Jefferson Lab Holiday Calendar Posted
The holiday calendar for 2015 has now been posted to the Jefferson Lab Human Resources webpages.

Get Involved in Community STEM Events
Jefferson Lab has received several new requests to participate in evening science, technology, engineering and mathematics events at schools located throughout the local area, from Virginia Beach to Gloucester to New Kent. The events vary from talking to small groups of students about Jefferson Lab, to conducting a simple activity for small groups at a table or booth, to judging science fairs. Science Education is looking for people to help out at evening events near their homes. If you would like to volunteer to help out at one or two of these events this winter, email Telesha Brown.

TIAA-CREF Individual Counseling Available by Appointment
TIAA-CREF will be offering additional Individual Counseling Sessions in the coming months. The consultant will be available to discuss how to help you achieve your financial goals by investing in financial solutions such as mutual funds, brokerage, life insurance and annuities. Sessions will be offered on Jan. 15, Feb. 19, March 11, March 12, April 16 and May 14 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. in Support Service Center room 41a. To schedule an appointment with a TIAA-CREF Individual Consultant to discuss your plan and options for managing your retirement savings, call TIAA-CREF at (800) 732-8353, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (ET).

Colloquium: Assembling Carbon Nanotubes for Advanced Applications
Individual Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) have exceptional mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. However, transferring these extraordinary qualities into CNT assemblages, without degrading performance, remains a challenge. Vesselin Shanov, professor with the Chemical Engineering program at the Department of Biomedical, Chemical and Environmental Engineering and the co-founder and co-director of the teaching and research facility Nanoworld Lab at the University of Cincinnati, will discuss successful work toward completing the cycle of synthesis, processing and application of carbon nanostructured materials. The research focus is on synthesis of carbon nanotube forest, yarn and sheet materials and linking these materials to applications. Materials synthesis will be discussed, followed by post-processing, results in catalytic synthesis, material characterization and possible uses for the material. The talk will take place on Wednesday, Dec. 17 at 3 p.m. in the CEBAF Center auditorium.

Photos Now Available from Jefferson Lab Holiday Party
The photos from the Children's Holiday Party are now available for viewing. These photos may only be accessed with your Jefferson Lab username and password through the link on the JAG webpage.

Ends Friday: TIAA-CREF 401(k) GSRA Open Enrollment
The 401(k) Group Supplemental Retirement Annuity open enrollment for 2015 is offered through Dec. 12. All elections will be reflected in the Jan. 15, 2015, paycheck. If you wish to contribute more or less than the 5 percent default contribution, or opt out of this program, you must enter the on-line system no later than close of business (5 p.m.) on Dec. 12. If you do not enter the on-line system prior to this time, you will automatically be enrolled in the default employee 5 percent contribution plan that is based on your current salary. Human Resources is providing web-based enrollment for your convenience. To access the 401(k) GSRA enrollment link, go to the lab's Insight page, under Announcements. You can change your contribution amount any time during the year by submitting a new Salary Reduction Agreement form. These forms are located in the Human Resources Office in the SSC building. If you have questions, contact Treva Ferguson, x7291, or Doug Roeder, x7576.

Vacation Donation Program Offered Through Friday
Jefferson Lab is again offering an open enrollment session for the Vacation Donation Program. As the end of the year approaches, there have been several inquiries by employees who are considering donating leave that might otherwise be forfeited. The enrollment session will be offered through COB Friday, Dec. 12. For more information and to enroll, see the full all-staff memo.

2015 General Access RWP Ready for Review
The 2015 General Access Radiological Work Permit is now available for signature. If you are a radiation worker at Jefferson Lab, you must read and electronically sign the new RWP before Dec. 31 to retain your accelerator site access. This year’s RWP contains new restrictions/policies. Be sure to read this document in its entirety. You may access this document from off-site. The document can be found here. If you have trouble with the links or with signing the document, contact Becky Mosbrucker at or x7236. If you have any other questions regarding this permit, contact the Radiation Control Department at 876-1743.

Ready, Set, Hang Those Decorations
The JAG is sponsoring a Holiday Office Door/Cubicle Decorating Contest. Prizes will be awarded to Best Decorated, Most Original, and Silliest. All employees, users and contractors with an office or cubicle may enter the contest (individuals or groups). Include your name(s), building number and office/cube location. Judging will take place Thursday, Dec. 18. Winning entries will be announced Friday, Dec. 19. Decorations may go up as early as Dec. 1 and should be taken down by Jan. 6. Decorating materials must be fire resistant and only UL-approved lighting/electronics may be used. No unwrapped food items are allowed. To enter, email JAG Chair Mary Jo Bailey by COB Dec. 16.


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