Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs March 4, 2015

Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs
March 4, 2015


Jefferson Lab Published Journal Articles Feb. 16-21

  • P. Jimenez-Delgado, T. J. Hobbs, J. T. Londergan, and W. Melnitchouk. "New Limits on Intrinsic Charm in the Nucleon from Global Analysis of Parton Distributions." Phys. Rev. Lett. 114 082002 (2015).
  • M. Piarulli, L. Girlanda, R. Schiavilla, R. Navarro Pérez, J. E. Amaro, and E. Ruiz Arriola. "Minimally nonlocal nucleon-nucleon potentials with chiral two-pion exchange including Delta resonances." Phys. Rev. C 91 024003 (2015).
  • The Proceedings of the QCD Evolution Workshop are now available online.

Remember to submit your papers for approval to the Jefferson Lab Publications database.

JSA Minority/Female Undergraduate Research Assistantship
Jefferson Lab is seeking candidates for a Research Assistantship. JSA will provide funds to support a junior or senior level student at the university during the 2015-2016 academic year. This project is supported by the JSA Initiatives Fund Program, a commitment from the JSA owners, SURA and PAE Applied Technologies. These funds support programs, initiatives, and activities that further the scientific outreach, promote the science, education and technology of the Jefferson Lab and benefit the lab’s extended user community in ways that complement the lab’s basic and applied research missions. In recent years, students have used the funds to aid the exploration of 3D printed scintillator detectors for the study of field emission in accelerating cavities, as well as a presentation at the SESAPS conference on work done on the PrimEx-II Collaboration. Nominations will be accepted through April 17. For more information, visit the website.

Center for Theoretical and Computational Physics

The inclusive inelastic cross section of electrons and neutrinos from nuclear targets is described in terms of response functions. Their calculation poses major challenges to theory, since it requires knowledge of the whole excitation spectrum of the nucleus and inclusion of one- and two-body terms in the nuclear electroweak current. In the paper, the 4He and 12C response functions are calculated for the first time with quantum Monte Carlo methods. The results show that two-body currents generate excess transverse strength from threshold to the quasi-elastic to the dip region and beyond. These findings challenge the conventional picture of quasi-elastic inclusive scattering as being largely dominated by single-nucleon knockout processes.


The Machine Shop is presently manufacturing or continuing to manufacture:

  • Five each niobium loop transitions for SRF;
  • C100 beam pipe polishing tool assembly for SRF;
  • Low-surface-field cavity half-cells (Trimming) for SRF;
  • 30 each Torus re-cooling cooling pads for Hall B;
  • Detector insulation wrap forming assembly for Hall B;
  • Internal parts for 350 KV electron gun; and
  • Tagger magnet turbo pump assembly for Hall B.

The shop also continues to complete various small machining jobs for lab customers.

Jefferson Lab Calendar of Events

March 7: Va. Regional Middle School Science Bowl
March 8: Daylight Saving Time begins
March 12-14: Q-weak Collaboration Meeting
March 16: Safety Shoe Vendor on-site
March 17: Dale Carnegie Lunch & Learn
March 23: Annual T-Shirt Contest entry deadline
March 26: E-Commerce Vendor Fair

Environment, Safety, Health & Quality

Test of Public Address System on Saturday, March 7
On Saturday, March 7, a test of the Public Address system will be conducted in CEBAF Center at 12:30 p.m. If you are in a CEBAF Center conference room, office or other space at this time, don’t be alarmed to hear a voice coming out of the speaker on the Cisco IP phones (phone with screens on the front), or to have a live phone call automatically put on hold. The Cisco IP phones can be used to broadcast live announcements. When the PA system is activated, a tone will sound, followed immediately by the announcement. All phone calls underway in CEBAF Center will be automatically put on hold. As soon as the test is completed, you may access and resume the call. If you have any questions or concerns about the test, or if you hear this message in a conference room or in your office or other work space, you may report a successful test by contacting Deb Magaldi, x5102. For more information, see the full all-staff memo.

Computing and Networking Infrastructure

Annual Computer User Account Audit Continues
The IT Division has begun the annual computer user account audit. All supervisors and sponsors of employees/users with computer accounts at Jefferson Lab are required to review and re-authorize accounts by close of business on Monday, March 16. This audit is a critical part of maintaining an appropriate level of cyber security at Jefferson Lab. You can begin the audit through the "User Audit" link under the Personal Information section on Insight. If you need assistance during the audit, contact Chris Williamson, x6245.

Computing Outages Explained
The IT Division has posted informational documents on the two system outages that occurred recently. You can review these documents on the Outage Alerts page. You may need to log in to the website (link on the right-hand side of the page) to see the links to the two documents, titled 2015/02/27 - Network Outage and 2015/03/02 - Computing Outage.


2015 Annual T-Shirt Design Contest Is Underway
Will your design be immortalized in a Jefferson Lab T-shirt? Jefferson Lab's Annual T-shirt Design Contest is underway! This year represents the 30th anniversary for both the T-Shirt design and the Run-A-Round (where the winner will be presented). Entries are due before close of business on Monday, March 23. Each submission should include a front (pocket) and back design. "Jefferson Lab," "DOE," "JSA, LLC," and "2015" must be included in the design. Resubmission of previous non-winning designs is welcome. To enter, submit your design, username, division and telephone (contact) number to Mary Jo Bailey, x7277, Mail Stop 6B. The JAG webpage provides more information and a complete list of rules and submission requirements. The lab community will vote on designs March 30-April 10.

Tornado Warning Siren Test Set for Friday, March 6
Jefferson Lab's tornado warning siren will undergo its monthly operational test at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, March 6. Don't respond to the siren; this is a test of the siren system and not a personnel response exercise. Individuals planning to be in the Central Materials Storage Area (where the siren is located) while the test is taking place must have with them and wear two layers of hearing protection.

Dale Carnegie Lunch and Learn Professional Development
Training is sponsoring a "Dale Carnegie" Lunch and Learn on Professional Development. The training session will be held on March 17 in CEBAF Center, Room F113, noon-1 p.m. Feel free to bring your lunch and join in on the discussion. This training is informal and open to all employees and will include the topics in the posted flyer.

Discount Entertainment Tickets Available for Employees
Jefferson Lab now offers a link to Tickets at Work, a website that offers employee discounts and corporate prices for entertainment. Locally, discounts include savings of more than 20 percent off at Busch Gardens and Water Country USA, as well as discounts on movie tickets. The site also offers discounts on tickets to other major theme parks, tickets to Broadway shows, hotels and rental cars. The link is also available in the Popular Applications section on Insight.



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