Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs October 29, 2015

Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs
October 29, 2015

12 GeV Upgrade

The 12 GeV Upgrade project in Hall C includes an improvement to the scattering chamber vacuum window seal. This is expected to eliminate the radiation damage to the O-ring that has been experienced in the past. The windows and frames for this improvement have been fabricated and successfully mated to the scattering chamber. 

Force-restraining collars have been installed around the Q3 coil assembly by the magnet vendor in France. All three magnets (Dipole, Q2, and Q3) have now been collared and are at the factory where the metal cryostat components are being manufactured. The Q2 coil is in its helium vessel and has been pressure tested. Leak-checking of this vacuum vessel revealed a small leak, which will soon be repaired. The vendor continues work to resolve tolerance issues with the thermal shield components of all the cryostats. Some have been reshaped and are now within tolerance, while others are being re-manufactured. As a result, deliveries of the magnets to Jefferson Lab have been delayed.

The horizontal bend magnet (HB) was tested to 50 percent of its design current. Data from this test supports the engineering analysis conclusion that forces due to eddy currents will not prevent safe operation at full field. Approval to operate it at this current is pending an external review of the analysis and modifications to the magnet power supply. The Q1 and HB magnets have been simultaneously energized to low current in a successful test of the magnet control systems.


Jefferson Lab Published Journal Articles, Oct. 19-23

  • Y.-W. Zhang et al. (Jefferson Lab Hall A Collaboration). "Measurement of the Target-Normal Single-Spin Asymmetry in Quasi-Elastic Scattering from the Reaction 3He up-arrow (e, e')." Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 172502.
  • Tech Note: C. Tennant and D. Douglas. "Linac Acceptance Studies for the MEIC Cooler Ring." JLAB-TN-15-028.
  • Tech Note: J. Benesch. "A quick and dirty magnet design for the magnetized beam LDRD proposal." JLAB-TN-15-043.
  • Tech Note: R. Owen. "Validation for Using Heat Index as an alternate to the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature at JLab, Summer 2015." JLAB-TN-15-044.

Remember to submit your papers for approval to the Jefferson Lab Publications database.

Center for Theoretical and Computational Physics

A new paper by Jefferson Lab's Joint Physics Analysis Center presents a unitary multichannel model for antikaon-nucleon scattering in the resonance region, with amplitudes that have the correct analytical properties in the complex-energy plane and the right threshold behavior. The parameters of the model are determined by fitting single-energy partial waves up to J=7/2 and center of mass energy up to 2.15 GeV. This study provides the most comprehensive picture of the strangeness = -1 hyperon spectrum to date.

Facilities Management and Logistics

Reduction of 900 Plastic Bottles and Counting...
In support of lab sustainability, the Facilities Management and Logistics Division has installed a multi-functional, environmentally friendly water cooler in their shop. This commercial-quality water fountain and bottle-filling station provides cold, filtered and great-tasting water. The filling station allows employees to fill their own thermos or reusable bottle as needed, reducing the number of one-use, throw-away plastic bottles used. The Facilities shop personnel have been using the cooler and bottle filler for the past three months and have eliminated the need to purchase more than 900 plastic bottles’ worth of water!

Five additional units have been purchased, and units are now installed in: the Support Service Center (Bldg. 28), the Free-Electron Laser (Bldg. 12), the North and South Access Buildings (Bldgs. 67 and 38), and the General Purpose Building (Bldg. 36). For more information about the stations, contact Bob Sperlazza, x6241.

Jefferson Lab Calendar of Events

Oct. 29: JAG Tailgate
Nov. 16-17: Q-weak Collaboration Meeting
Nov. 26-27: Thanksgiving holiday; Lab closed

Environment, Safety, Health & Quality

Orange Fencing Sprouts Up Around the Campus
As the Utilities Infrastructure Modernization projects continue, even more short, orange silt fences will be erected. These barricades and fencing are there to keep non-construction workers out of the construction zones, preventing unnecessary disruptions to the ongoing construction and, more importantly, keeping untrained workers away from construction-related hazards. Unless you are properly attired for the construction zone, have been trained on the hazards present, and have a purpose in that zone, do not enter any demarcated work zones. Instead, be careful to stay within the provided walk area or follow the provided detours.


Notice for GERT and Rad Workers: Radiation Area Posting Change
The CEBAF accelerator will soon be back in operational status. This notification is to make you aware of the modified radiological postings that are going into effect for the Linac, Arc, and Beam Switchyard service buildings, now that the accelerator will soon resume “Beam Permit” conditions. All GERT and Radiation Worker trained individuals should read about the new postings and follow the directions for acknowledgment in the linked training document.

Tailgate Event Rescheduled for Oct. 29
Jefferson Lab employees and users are invited to the Jefferson Lab Activity Group Tailgate, scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 29, 3-5:30 p.m., in the field behind the SURA Residence Facility. The Tailgate will feature Brunswick stew, chili, nachos, pulled pork BBQ, and beverages. If you are attending the event, you may park your vehicle in the CEBAF Center parking lot and cross Hadron Drive at the crosswalk. Parking won’t be permitted in the Residence Facility lot nor along Rattley Road or Hadron Drive.

Last Chance to Participate: Jefferson Lab United Way Campaign Ends Nov. 2
Jefferson Lab’s pledge campaign to support the annual fundraising appeal for the United Way of the Virginia Peninsula ends on Nov. 2. Contributions to the United Way help provide critical services and supplies to those in our community who are in need. After-school programs, affordable daycare, transportation for the elderly, hospice care, job training for the disabled and food and shelter are just some of the benefits that result from your donations. All pledge forms should be returned to Krystina Serafini, Mail Stop 12B, CEBAF Center Room B214, by Monday, Nov. 2.

During the Tailgate, the winning tickets will be drawn for the lab's United Way fundraising campaign raffle. Tickets are $1 each and are available for purchase from noon-1 p.m. through Thursday in the CEBAF Center lobby. Tickets will also be available for purchase at the Tailgate. Winning tickets will be drawn for an Apple Watch, Apple iPad Mini, and a Fitbit! You need not be present to win.

Last Chance to Send in Your Information for Veterans Day Salute!
In recognition of Veterans Day, veterans of military service are invited to submit a photo of themselves in uniform for inclusion in a collage to be displayed in CEBAF Center on Veterans Day. This will be similar to the one displayed last year. If you submitted a photo last year, the photo will be used again this year, with the information you previously provided. Submit photos to Mike Robbins at by Oct. 30. Please include your full name, branch of service, and years of service. If you do not have a digital copy of your photo, employees can bring in a picture to CEBAF Center, room C222 to be scanned. For more information, contact Mike Robbins, x7617.

Whole Foods to Open at Tech Center
The Whole Foods Market in Tech Center will celebrate its Grand Opening at 8:45 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 4. The event will also serve as the official grand opening for the entire shopping center. On Nov. 4, the City of Newport News has arranged for part of its Applied Research Center parking lot to be cordoned off for use by Tech Center business employees. A shuttle service will also be provided for the employees' use.

Inventors & Entrepreneurs: Sign up Now for START! Peninsula 4.0 Event Nov. 13-15
If you have a business idea or invention and need funding or guidance to get it off the ground, you may want to attend the START! Peninsula 4.0 event Nov. 13-15 at the Applied Research Center (ARC) building adjacent to Jefferson Lab. The event will bring together dozens of passionate entrepreneurs who will have the chance to pitch their best ideas and compete to win up to $7,500 in initial start-up funding, as well as many other support services donated by sponsors, to get their ideas off the drawing board and into the marketplace. See the START! Peninsula webpage for more information. See other announcements that may be of interest to Jefferson Lab staff and users on the We Hear That webpage.

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