2021 School on the Physics of Baryons

  • 2021 School on the Physics of Baryons
    Remote - Spain
    2021-10-18EDT7:00:00 ~ 2021-10-22EDT11:00:00
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The 2021 (on-line) School on the Physics of Baryons will take place from 18 to 22 of October, 2021. This event is organized by the Pablo de Olavide University, in Seville, in collaboration with the Universities of Sevilla and Huelva, Spain, and it will provide an interim link to the International Conference on Baryon Structure, postponed to 2022 owing to Covid-19.

The school is designed for experimental and theoretical nuclear and particle physics graduate students and early-career scientists with the scope of introducing them to the forefront of baryon related topics. The program will consist of five days with starting time at 7:00 (New York, USA) -- 13:00 (Madrid, Spain) -- 19:00 (Nanjing, China) and finishing time at 11:00 (New York, USA) -- 17:00 (Madrid, Spain) -- 23:00 (Nanjing, China). More details of the schedule can already be found in the indico webpage.

The list of topics and lecturers are:

  • Electromagnetic and weak interactions: Viktor Mokeev & Michael Döring
  • Spectroscopy of hadrons: Volker Crede & Gernot Eichmann
  • Structure of hadrons: Tanja Horn & Cédric Mezrag
  • Theory for strong QCD: Daniele Binosi & Huey Wen Lin
  • Novelties from New Experimental Programmes:
    • Catarina Quintans (COMPASS++)
    • Arantza Oyanguren (LHCb)
    • Karin Schönning (BESIII)
    • Rolf Ent (EIC)
    • Xurong Chen (EicC)
    • Ralf Gothe (JLab12)

The sessions will have a duration of 100 minutes, distributed as the lecturer deems most appropriate, except for the experimental talks that will last 30 minutes each.

Registration for the on-line school is now open, all interested colleagues should register via the indico webpage (https://indico.cern.ch/event/1026059). It is free of cost, and almost free in time. This will ensure that all prospective participants are kept aware of developments and provided with the ZOOM information. Moreover, and very important, a good estimation of the number of participants will help us to properly secure and allocate the necessary videoconferencing tools.

Event Date
Remote - Spain
Education Program
Scientific Program
Undergraduate and Graduate
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Jorge Segovia
(000) 000-0000