28th International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Subjects (DIS2021)

  • 28th International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Subjects (DIS2021)
    2021-04-12EDT7:45:00 ~ 2021-04-16EDT17:00:00
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Dear Colleagues,

We are delighted to announce the 28th International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Subjects (DIS2021). It will be hosted by Stony Brook University & the Center for Frontiers in Nuclear Science (CFNS) with support from NIKHEF, and held on April 12-16, 2021. Anticipating travel and gathering restrictions due to COVID-19 to continue, we plan to have it virtually using ZOOM and other such communication tools.

The scientific program of the conference will include six working groups (WGs):

  1. Structure functions and Parton Distributions
  2. Small-x, diffraction, and vector meson production
  3. Electroweak Physics and Beyond the Standard Model
  4. QCD with heavy quarks and hadronic final states
  5. Spin physics
  6. Future facilities and experiment

The official Web Page of the meeting is: https://www.stonybrook.edu/cfns/dis2021/

Registration and parallel sessions abstract submission are now open. The website will be updated with more details as we move closer to the date of the meeting.

Important Dates:
1st Announcement December 2, 2020
2nd Announcement January 11, 2021
Additional announcements as needed.
Registration December 1, 2020 -March 31, 2021 (Open now)
Abstract Submission December 1, 2020 - February 1, 2021 (open now)
First announcement of accepted parallel session talks March 1, 2021
Conference Dates April 12-16, 2021

We are working towards an exciting program including new results & excitement from experiments and theory in plenary and parallel sessions, a special session on the future of QCD and the annual Altarelli Prize. We will have a slightly different daily schedule of talks compared to the past DIS meeting to accommodate various time zones. Unfortunately, one can never capture all time zones, so all talks will be recorded and will be available daily, to be viewed by those of you in far away time zones. Discussions sessions at more friendly/convenient times to those time zones are being considered.

There is no registration fee for DIS2021, but registration is required to attend the meeting and to submit abstracts so that optimal ZOOM arrangements can be made and appropriately distributed.

We look forward to seeing you virtually in DIS2021 and to your participation in various discussions.

Abhay Deshpande
For DIS2021 Local Organizing Committee & The International Advisory Committee https://www.stonybrook.edu/cfns/dis2021/

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Abhay Deshpande