HUGS 2018

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Jefferson Lab, Newport News, Virginia

Application is now closed

HUGS 2018
Jefferson Lab, Newport News, Virginia
May 29 - June 15, 2018

With support from the United States Department of Energy (DOE) and Jefferson Science Associates (JSA), lectures at the 33rd Annual Hampton University Graduate Studies (HUGS) Program at Jefferson Lab are scheduled to run from Tuesday, May 29 to Friday, June 15, 2018. Students will arrive on Monday, May 28 and depart on Saturday, June 16.

The HUGS Program at Jefferson Lab is a summer school designed for experimental and theoretical nuclear and particle physics graduate students who have finished their coursework and have at least one year of research experience in these fields. Students who are well into a research project are also encouraged to apply. The program is simultaneously intensive, friendly, and casual. All lecturers are internationally renowned and leaders in their fields. The students will be housed on site at Jefferson Lab, and there will be many opportunities to interact with Jefferson Lab staff, as well as the lecturers, other graduate students and visitors. Acceptance into the program is competitive, and a limited number of scholarships is available. Deadline for scholarship application is extended to March 25, 2018. Application is now closed

Speakers and Topics:

The 2018 school will focus on experimental and theoretical topics of high current interest in strong interaction physics. In particular, students will receive excellent insight into the physics to be studied at Jefferson Lab and at the Electron-Ion Collider in the upcoming years, as well as related topics of interest in nuclear and particle physics. Speakers and topics for this year include:

  • Introduction to QCD
    Jianwei Qiu (JLab)
    ---> Check these references, and especially:
  • Transverse Momentum Structure of Hadrons in the EIC Era 
    Andreas Metz (Temple U.)
  • Hadron Spectroscopy at GlueX and Beyond
    Justin Stevens (William & Mary)
  • Few-body physics with relation to neutrinos
    Saori Pastore (Los Alamos National Lab)
  • Fundamental Symmetries
    Vincenzo Cirigliano (Los Alamos National Lab)
  • Soft Collinear Effective Theory
    Iain Stewart (MIT)
       "I will post information related to my lectures at the HUGS Summer School in the course section “2018 Summer Schools” under the “HUGS School Lectures” link which you can access with the link here once you are registered and "enroll" in the course.  This currently links to other references, including places to learn more introductory about effective field theory as a topic itself, and I will also post my lecture notes there."
       "I will also assign you some problems from my online course on Effective Field Theory. Note that the system will automatically check your responses and give you immediate feedback and access to solutions, so they are fun to play with whether you make a serious attempt at solving the problems or just try to gain some knowledge."
    To get FREE access to the EFT course, please register for an edX account and then sign up for the course by following the instructions here."
  • 3D Spatial Imaging: from JLab 12 to the EIC
    Daria Sokhan (Glasgow U.)
  • EIC Status - detector and simulations
    Yulia Furletova (JLab)

In addition to the main lectures, the school will offer topical seminars by Jefferson Lab researchers, and an opportunity for the students to present their research in a short seminar.

Student Support:

Thanks to a grant from the United States Department of Energy, we will be able to offer a limited number of standard HUGS fellowships that will cover lodging at the SURA residence facility, where kitchen facilities are available, and a contribution towards meal expenses. Students interested in this opportunity should note so in the registration page, and address their financial need in the appropriate field.

In addition to these, a JSA/HUGS fellowship for Graduate Students from Developing Countries supported by the JSA Initiatives Fund Program was separately announced and circulated, and applications are now closed. Under this fellowship, that supplements the standard one, we will be able to support one or two graduate students from a developing country, fully covering travel expenses (including international airfare), room, board and from 1 to 3 additional week at Jefferson Lab to meet with laboratory researchers and users, and to initiate or strengthen a research collaboration.

Physics Careers Workshop:

As part of the HUGS school, but open to all interested graduate students and post-docs from the Jefferson Lab community, we will also organize a mini-workshop on Physics Careers.

The organization of this mini-workshop is in progress, and more detail will be made available later. Information on previous editions can be found in the HUGS archives 



To apply to HUGS 2018, please click the Application Link at the top of the page, and arrange for one letter of recommendation (ideally from your Ph.D. advisor) to be separately sent to the address below. Submission received before the deadline will automatically place the student in the standard fellowship competition.

The deadline for application submission is March 25, 2018. Application is now closed. Applications will still be accepted after this date but will not be included in the fellowship competition. Students will be notified by April 6, 2018 of acceptance.

Please forward all queries to

HUGS 2018
Jefferson Lab
Attn: Mary Fox, Suite 1, MS-12H2
12000 Jefferson Avenue. Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: (757) 269-6263 Fax: (757) 269-7002