2024 Workshop on Polarized Sources, Targets, and Polarimetry (PSTP24)

Conference Date
Conference Location

Jefferson Lab
12000 Jefferson Avenue
Newport News, VA 23606

The Workshop on Polarized Sources,Targets, and Polarimetry has been a tradition for more than 20 years, moving between Europe, USA, and Asia. The 20th International Workshop on Polarized Sources, Targets, and Polarimetry (PSTP 2024) will take place at Jefferson Lab, in Newport News, Virginia. The workshop addresses technical challenges and accomplishments related to polarized gas/solid targets, polarized electron/positron/ion/neutron sources, polarimetry, polarized beam transport, and applications of polarized techniques.

Organizing Committee

Local Organizing Committee

Dave Gaskell (JLab)
Joe Grames (JLab)
Christopher Keith (JLab)

James Maxwell (JLab)
Matthew Poelker (JLab)
Cathy Drewry (JLab)
Tristan Jones (JLab)
Oleg Eyser (BNL)
Fanglei Lin (ORNL)
Josh Pierce (ORNL)
Deepak Raparia (BNL)
Eric Voutier (IJCLab)