DOE Boost Program

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  • DOE Boost Program
    Virginia Peninsula Chamber, 11850 Merchants Walk, Suite 110, Newport News, VA 23606
    2024-04-25EDT9:30:00 ~ 2024-04-25EDT12:00:00
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DOE Boost, a partnership with Sandia National Laboratories and FedTech, is committed to diversifying the energytech ecosystem, partnering with diversity-focused organizations and focusing on the problems that affect underserved communities.

Entrepreneurs, inventors, mentors, and partners are critical to continuing this mission of democratizing deep tech. DOE Boost is seeking entrepreneurs from across industries to join us in revolutionizing the innovation ecosystems in Hampton Roads and Virginia. We also invite anyone interested in mentoring or coaching the energytech innovators of tomorrow to solve community-based energy challenges. Whether you are an energytech expert, seasoned businessperson or executive, we are looking for mentors like you to guide the entrepreneurs changing the world.


Event Date
Virginia Peninsula Chamber, 11850 Merchants Walk, Suite 110, Newport News, VA 23606
Scientific Program
Public/Community Affairs
Contact Name
Marla Schuchman
(757) 269-7566