Electron-Nuclei Interaction at EIC

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  • Electron-Nuclei Interaction at EIC
    Stony Brook University, NY
    2023-07-05EDT8:00:00 ~ 2023-07-07EDT17:00:00
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We are pleased to announce a CFNS workshop: Electron-Nuclei Interaction at EIC, will take place at CFNS in Stony Brook University on 5th-7th July 2023.The objectives of the workshop are the following:

  1. Summarize and hold discussions on the electron-nuclei studies related to EIC. Underline the challenges of each study. The workshop discussion focuses on but is not limited to electron-light Nuclei studies.
  2. Encourage further studies on the subject in both experiment and theory.
  3. Initiate conversations between the accelerator and physics communities to establish realistic parametrizations of nuclei beams.

Additional details can be found here: https://indico.bnl.gov/event/18415/

If you are interested in presenting your work at the meeting please contact the organizing committee:

Or Hen (Chair, MIT)
Douglas Higinbotham (JLab)
Todd Satogata (JLab)
Axel Schmidt (GWU)
Lawrence Weinstein (ODU)
Wenliang (Bill) Li (CFNS local organizer, SBU)

Event Date
Stony Brook University, NY
Scientific Program
Contact Name
Douglas Higinbotham
(757) 269-7851