Registration and Returning Foreign Nationals

All persons requesting access to Jefferson Lab are required to register in the Electronic Access Registration System (EARS)


All Foreign Nationals are required to submit the Electronic Access Registration form at least 7 days before the onsite arrival start date.

FNs arriving onsite without fulfilling the seven (7) day advanced registration requirement or without the required ID Documents will not be allowed escorted or un-escorted access to JLab’s facilities until all is approved and validated and a JLab photo badge is issued (if applicable). 

DOE Office of Science approval is required before entry of persons whose citizenship, country of birth, employer, or affiliations is North Korea, Iran, Sudan or Syria.


All high school and undergraduate students must register at least two (2) weeks prior to arrival onsite in order to schedule the required training with Science Education  for access approval.

All guests are required to check-in upon arrival onsite at JLab at the Services and Support Bldg. 28 Front Desk to present required ID Documents for access validation.  

Electronic Access Portal Process Overview and Screenshots (U.S. and Foreign National)

Checking Status of Visitor/Guest Registration Form for Travel Coordinators

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