Accelerator/Engineering Divisions - Conference paper approval procedures

Accelerator and Engineering Division Conference Approvals Procedure

Many Accelerator and Engineering Division authors attend conferences to which an abstract is submitted for consideration.  Following internal approval and conference acceptance of the abstract, other conference contributions are developed.  Due to the approval requirements in the Accelerator and Engineering Divisions, the following steps should be followed.

Prior to submitting the abstract to the conference program committee, authors must submit the abstract into the JLAB system for internal approval. 

When the author completes the writing of a subsequent conference contribution (such as a paper), they must submit it into the system for approval.  To do this, they can edit the existing approved abstract by modifying the metadata to reflect the new publication type as "paper," "poster," "invited talk," "invited talk paper" or "contributed talk."  The author uploads the publication and it will go into the signature queue for approval.

The procedure:

  1. open the abstract record
  2. click Edit Metadata and move through the pages (including page 2 where you choose the conference publication type and change from abstract to updated conference publication type)
  3. upload the paper on the abstract and upload page.
  4. choose the reviewer and it goes into the signature queue.

If an author intends to publish a paper AND a corresponding talk, invited talk or poster, each corresponding item must be submitted for approval separately. 

Contact for assistance with these procedures.