Finding Aids

Finding Aids

Personal Papers Collections

Gross, Franz
Franz Gross, one of the founding members of CEBAF, is a College of William & Mary professor of physics, emeritus in theoretical physics and particle physics. He advocated for the 4 GeV - as opposed to the 2 GeV - accelerator and was fundamental in securing Jefferson Lab's status as an international site for particle science.

Cardman, Lawrence S.
Dr. Cardman was an early user involved in CEBAF (the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility, now known as the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility), serving as User Co-Manager for Hall C during its construction, and delivering elements of the HMS spectrometer detector and the first polarized electron source for the laboratory. He joined the staff at CEBAF in 1993, and served as Associate Director for Physics from 1997 to 2011.

Isgur, Nathan
Dr. Isgur was a leading theoretical physicists who worked at Jefferson Lab from 1990 to 2001. He was the Lab's chief scientists and Theory Group Leader. During his career, Dr. Isgur greatly contributed to the understanding of the quark structure of matter.

Holmgren, Harry
This collection is comprised of Harry Holmgren's involvement in the development of both CEBAF and SURA in Newport News, Virginia.

McCarthy, James S.
James McCarthy was one of the strongest voices for the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility, a dream that he shared with his colleagues until it became reality. From his work, SURA was formed in order to organize and fund CEBAF. This collection is comprised of papers, negotiations, and other information that was used to take Dr. McCarthy's dreams to fruition.

Dylla, Fred

Sundelin, Ron
Considered an expert in particle accelerators, Director Hermann Grunder brought Cornell University's Ron Sundelin on board with the development of the accelerator at CEBAF. The accelerator was originally slated to run on technology that was older, but more reliable. Dr. Grunder knew that better could be done and worked with Dr. Sundelin due to his successes with the CESR (Cornell Electron Storage Ring).

von Baeyer, Hans C.
Former director of the Virginia Associated Research Campus, Hans von Baeyer is the chancellor Professor of Physics, Emeritus of the College of William & Mary is known by his contemporaries as one who goes out of his way to make physics accessible to the everyday person.

Westfall, Catherine
The historian for Jefferson Lab, Catherine Westfall was recruited to write a paper on the inception and early years of CEBAF.

Rode, Claus
Claus Rode was responsible for designing and building the Central Helium Liquefier, which is essential to CEBAF. Dr. Rode was also project manager for the 12 GeV upgrade as well as the senior team leader for the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS).

Whitney, R. Roy
Dr. R. Roy Whitney was with Jefferson Lab since the very early days. His collection is comprised of information gathered in his various capacities, as well as professional experimentation at other facilities.

John J. Domingo


Hartline, Beverly
Dr. Beverly Hartline held many positions at CEBAF. Although her work to support the Lab Director was invaluable, she did a great deal of outreach, particularly educational outreach, to the community to promote the Lab.

Institutional Collections

Director's Office

Grunder, Hermann A.
Dr. Hermann A. Grunder was the first Director for Jefferson Lab (known then as Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility - CEBAF) from 1985 to 2000.

Montgomery, Hugh E.
Dr. Hugh E. Montgomery was the third Director of Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility from 2 September 2008 - 2 April 2017.

CEBAF History (Oral Histories and Artifacts)

Communications Office
The Communications Office for the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility does much work to involve the community in what happens at the Lab. Making this information comprehensive and understand at the same time is the purview of this office.

Institutional Publications
Publications of CEBAF, JLab, SURA and DOE

Jefferson Lab Newspaper Collection
The goings-on of Jefferson Lab have been featured and highlighted in many different newspaper articles over the years. Those articles are captured in this collection. A newspaper people search index can be found here.

Communications Office News Media

Communications Office Press Releases

Keepsakes from Jefferson Lab
Materials created by the Communications Office to promote the activities and events at Jefferson Lab.

Promotional Materials
Materials created by the Communications Office to promote the activities and events at Jefferson Lab.

Communications Office Internal Records
Office records of the Communications Office. This collection contains various correspondence, organizational documents for special events, and records for tours and speaking events.

Awards and Patents
Even before construction began, CEBAF started receiving a multitude of achievements and recognitions. Among them are awards for environmental consciousness, educational outreach, and community involvement. This collection strives to centralize all institutional recognition received by the Lab.

Jefferson Lab Photograph Collection: Negatives
During construction of the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility, many pictures were taken to document construction on site.

Jefferson Lab Photograph Collection
During construction of the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility, many pictures were taken to document construction on site.

Posters Collection
Posters which have been displayed in various locations around Jefferson Lab to inform Lab staff and Users of events and activities.

Newport News, City of
The City of Newport News has worked closely with Jefferson Lab since its inception in order to support the construction of the lab as well as the support staff.

Office of Science Education
The Office of Science Education regularly gives lectures to the public and staff with topics of a more interactive nature to aid in understanding of concepts of higher physics.

Collections of the Experimental Halls

Hall C
The research equipment in Hall C is used to study the weak charge of the proton, form factors of simple quark systems, the transition from hadrons to quarks and nuclei with a strange quark embedded.

Jefferson Lab Activities Group (JAG)
This collection guide features the t-shirts created and distributed at the annual JAG event, the Run-A-Round.