Lustre Parallel File System

The LQCD central storage system uses the Lustre filesystem.

Currently this filesystem uses 14 storage nodes (OSSes). Each OSS provides over 14 TB of storage, which yields an aggregate storage capacity of about 200 TB soon to be upgraded to over 350 TB. All of the storage servers run CentOS 5.3 and Lustre versions 1.8.4 and 1.8.5.

This filesystem serves over 1,000 clients via DDR Infiniband or regular gigabit ethernet. The clients are a mix of Lustre versions 1.8.2 and Aggregate bandwidth to the clients has been measured at over 6 GB/s which is limited by 2 QCD Infiniband uplinks. Monitoring of the filesystem has shown that the average I/O to the filesystem is in excess of 200 MB/s.





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