High Performance Computing

The Scientific Computing (SciComp) group of Jefferson Lab is conducting research and development in high performance computing, especially in the areas of cluster computing, parallel job scheduling and high performance messaging software to support a national effort in terascale simulations of Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD). Lattice QCD, a numerical approach to QCD, is used to calculate weak decays of strongly interacting particles, to investigate matter under extreme conditions and to study the structure and interaction of hadrons.

The Scientific Computing group manages several CPU and GPU clusters that serve as production and research platforms for Lattice QCD calculations, scientific simulations and computer science research in high performance computing.

Staff members of the group are actively involved in software development for the USQCD collaboration. The software developed by the group have been widely used by the Lattice QCD community.

Staff members of the group are also involved in other areas of software development such as the distributed control middleware and distributed message logging system which are used in operations in both national and international laboratories.





Software Projects