Jefferson Lab Colloquia: Michael Ramsey-Musolf

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  • Jefferson Lab Colloquia: Michael Ramsey-Musolf
    CEBAF Center Auditorium
    2023-03-29EDT15:30:00 ~ 2023-03-29EDT17:00:00
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Title: Fundamental Symmetries in Nuclei: Tackling the Strong Interaction and Hunting for New Physics

Speaker: Michael Ramsey-Musolf - Director, Amherst Center for Fundamental Interactions, Univ. of Massachusetts-Amherst

Abstract: Nuclei and hadrons are “laboratories” for exploring nature’s fundamental interactions. In this talk, I discuss the theoretical challenges and advances in the interpretation of experimental tests of fundamental symmetries performed with these strongly interacting systems. This theoretical work has enabled us to exploit such tests to achieve a deeper understanding of the dynamics of Quantum Chromodynamics in the non-perturbative regime and to gain a powerful new tool in the hunt for possible physics beyond the Standard Model.

Event Date
CEBAF Center Auditorium
Scientific Program