Light-Cone 2023 (Rio de Janeiro)

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  • Light-Cone 2023 (Rio de Janeiro)
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    2023-09-18EDT8:00:00 ~ 2023-09-22EDT17:00:00
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Light-Cone 2023: Hadrons and Symmetries (LC2023), will be held at the Brazilian Center for Physics Research (CBPF) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 18-22 September, 2023.

The conference will follow the tradition of the Light-Cone Series to bring together quantum field-theory, particle and nuclear physics communities including both theoreticians and experimentalists to discuss new results and developments and look towards future perspectives.

Conference Topics:

  • Hadron structure and spectrum
  • Parton Physics in hadrons and nuclei
  • Mass generation
  • Lattice Gauge theories
  • QCD at finite temperature and density
  • Nonperturbative QFT methods in Minkowski and Euclidean space
  • Light-front field theory
  • AdS/CFT and holography
  • Relativistic Few- and Many-body physics
  • Astroparticle physics
  • Fundamental Symmetries and violations
  • Present and future facilities

The LC2023 will have plenary and parallel sessions to give opportunity for invited/selected talks and oral contributions. A poster session will also be organized to offer further opportunities to present the contributions to LC2023.

Deadline for registration and abstract submission: August 15, 2023. The early registration fee is US$250 and for students US$100. Program registration is now open in the website:

Further details regarding LC2023 can be found within the above conference website. We look forward to welcome you to LC2023.

  • Tobias Frederico (Chair)
  • Ignácio Bediaga (Vice-Chair)
  • Fernando Navarra
  • Sérgio Barbosa Duarte
  • Wayne de Paula

Event Date
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Scientific Program
Contact Name
Tobias Frederico