MCnet-CTEQ Summer School

  • MCnet-CTEQ Summer School
    Dresden, Germany
    2021-09-05EDT8:00:00 ~ 2021-09-15EDT17:00:00
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Dear Colleagues,

Hold the date: 5-15 September 2021, MCnet-CTEQ Summer School

We are pleased to announce the 2021 MCnet-CTEQ Summer School on QCD, Electroweak Phenomenology, and Monte Carlo Generators to be held in Dresden, Germany, 5-15 September 2021.

We currently expect to host the meeting in-person and will open applications later in the Spring. We are closely monitoring the progress around COVID-19 vaccinations and infection rates, and will adapt plans appropriate to the situation.

In addition to a focused introduction to perturbative QCD, Higgs boson phenomena and recent experimental results, the school will include lectures and tutorials on Monte Carlo Event Generators. The school is ideally suited for advanced graduate students and young postdocs. For further information, including (future) application procedures, please refer to the website:

which is linked from both the MCnet and CTEQ webpages, or contact

Sincerely, The MCnet--CTEQ Summer School Organizers

Event Date
Dresden, Germany
Scientific Program
Contact Name
Cynthia (Thia) Keppel
(757) 269-7580