Active Threat Alert Notification System Test Set for March 3

At 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, Mar. 3, Security personnel will conduct a test of Jefferson Lab’s Active Threat Alert Notification System. Like the Site-Wide Alert System, the message will be sent via email and pagers/text and will display on the Cisco phone digital screens.

The message will clearly identify itself as a test. No response will be expected, as this is only an operational test of the system.

In the event of an actual threat, the system would be used by the Security force to make the lab community aware of the situation and would provide information critical to preserving life and resources.

For information about the lab’s Active Threat Emergency Procedure, see ES&H Manual Appendix 3510-T4.

This is a good time to review what to do if Security declares a “Lockdown” of the Jefferson Lab campus or what things to consider if put in a situation where you should Run, Hide or Fight.

Members of the lab community are urged to be aware of their surroundings and to report suspicious activities and abnormal situations. If you See Something, Say Something; report it to Security at 269-5822 or call 911 as appropriate. 

Questions about this test may be directed to Emergency Manager Tina Johnson.