Engineering Division Safety Officer Named: Message From Will Oren

Engineering Division Safety Officer Named: Message From Will Oren


Since Henry Robertson took on leadership of the Safety Systems Group we have had Harry Fanning, Accelerator Division Safety Officer, filling in as the Engineering DSO. Harry has done an outstanding job in this role and I would like to thank him for his services over the past year.

I have recently reached an agreement with Paul Collins and his supervisor, for Paul to become the Engineering DSO starting Jan 4, 2016. Paul has an extensive background in industrial and construction safety which should serve him well when looking at Engineering Division activities. While Paul must retain his duties with the 12 GeV project he believes he can devote 20 percent of his time to servicing our division. You will start to see Paul on walk-arounds, inspections, conducting incident investigations, reviewing safety documentation such as OSPs/TOSPs, and if time permits helping the Engineering management team relaunch a "work process observation" program.

Harry Fanning has agreed to continue to help us track training records and facilitate group training sessions as needed. He will work to hand these duties off to Gayle Sundeen-Coleman over the next few months.

Please welcome Paul and give him your full support in executing his DSO duties.