Maximum Vacation Balance Reminder

Maximum Vacation Balance Reminder

This is a reminder that the maximum vacation leave balance which may be carried forward at the end of calendar year 2009 is 384 hours for employees hired before October 5, 2006 and 240 hours for employees hired on or after October 5, 2006. Any accrued vacation over these limits that has not been taken by December 31, 2009 will be lost. Please remember to include the vacation accrual for the timesheet period of December 16-31st when figuring your remaining accruals that will be added to your current balance for the year.

Jefferson Lab's vacation policy can be found in section 207.01 of the Administrative Manual, with section C.8 discussing the maximum vacation hours allowed. Please note that the maximum carry forward for ALL employees after May 31, 2011 will be 240 hours.

If you have any questions, please contact me at ext. 7503 or Sharon Hay at ext. 7620.

Janet Smith

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