Message for all staff: Possible Government Shutdown

Message for all staff: Possible Government Shutdown

Dear Colleague,

The most recent Continuing Resolution, the bill that has funded the federal government for the past three weeks, expires later today. Having received guidance from DOE, we must assume that there is a likelihood, but not certainty that the government will shutdown.

Following a series of planning meetings over the past weeks, we have determined that Jefferson Lab need not, should not, and so will not, shutdown in the short term.

Regardless of what happens over the next several hours or days the lab will continue to function as normal and you will do your job as normal. Through management we will be applying some constraints to avoid unnecessary expenditures or those which can be delayed.

The lab has sufficient funds to operate for about 30 days should a government shutdown occur. Beyond 30 days would require a different approach, and we are looking at various options. We are also looking at austerity measures which might mitigate the impact of eventual bad 2011 budgets. The possibilities DO depend on the outcome of the current political discussions beyond the issue of a shutdown or not. We will communicate what are our responses, what will be our actions and what will be our expectations of you, as they become clear.

These are trying times; we beg your indulgence and support.


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