Message from Hugh Montgomery: Science Planning Jamboree

Message from Hugh Montgomery: Science Planning Jamboree


Twice a year, we make presentations to the JSA Science Council. In most years
we also develop a strategic plan for the lab which we present to the Office of
Science in the spring. Often, the Jefferson Lab employees see some of the
transparencies in subsequent talks by the Director or others. This year, we would
like to try and involve the lab staff some more.


On December 4, we will have the next JSA Science Council Meeting, so we
decided to make those presentations in an open meeting on November 30. The
presentations are open to all, but in particular I am hoping to have a good
attendance from our scientists. We will allow sufficient time for comments,
feedback, and discussion.

CEBAF Center Auditorium, November 30, 2009

08:45   Welcome/Context (15 + 15) H. Montgomery
09:15 Status of 6 GeV Nuclear Physics Program (30 + 15) Larry Cardman
10:00 EIC Physics Discussion (30 + 15) Rolf Ent
10:45 Break  
11:00 EIC Medium Eng JLAB ELIC Machine Design (30 + 15) G. Krafft
11:45 Politics/NSAC LRP/EICAC (30 + 15) L. Cardman, H. Montgomery
12:30 Lunch and Executive Session  
13:15 FEL Progress Report (30 + 15) G. Neil
14:00 Report on Theory Review/Topical Center Proposal Results   (30 + 15) D. Richards
14:45 Adjourn  

Hugh Montgomery

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