Notification Required When Lab Vehicles or Equipment are Damaged

Notification Required When Lab Vehicles or Equipment are Damaged

Jefferson Lab's vehicle control officer and ESH&Q staff remind everyone at the lab that the person operating a JSA/JLab or government vehicle or piece of equipment, is responsible for reporting any mishap a vehicle is in, and when lab equipment is damaged in any way.

"Any time a person uses a JSA/JLab vehicle on or off lab property, the operator (driver) is responsible for inspecting and reporting all accidents and damage – this includes all vehicles and motorized equipment (i.e., trucks, cars, vans, hybrid vehicles, golf carts, forklifts, man lifts and the carts used in the tunnel)," according to Kris Burrows, JLab vehicle control officer.

The mishap or damage must be reported, as soon as safely possible, to your supervisor, division safety officer and either to Burrows or the deputy vehicle control officer, Manny Nevarez. If the mishap or damage takes place after hours – on lab property or off – the vehicle operator may contact JLab Security, ph. 757-269-5822, in place of Burrows or Nevarez. The lab Security force may be contacted among the first line of notification at any time.

"Security will document the facts pertaining to the mishap and any resulting damage," Burrows explains. "They will gather information and take photos of any damage.”

Failure to promptly report an accident or damage could have serious consequences. A damaged vehicle could be unsafe for subsequent use or a damaged component could fail while the vehicle is in use. It can also delay the required accident investigation and report required by the Department of Energy and the Government Services Administration (GSA).

The responsibilities and procedures for using a Lab or leased, fleet vehicle are explained in the Vehicle and Motor Equipment Policy and Procedures manual online at:

Section 10 of the manual explains reporting vehicle accidents and/or damage.