Omega World Travel Awarded JLab Contract for Travel Services

Omega World Travel Awarded JLab Contract for Travel Services

Who is Omega World Travel?

Omega World Travel has over 43 years of experience in the travel industry with a diversified customer base across multiple industries as well as DOE Laboratories. 

When is the Omega “Go-Live” date?

The “Go-Live” date is Monday, August 1, 2016.

Why did we select Omega World Travel?

Omega’s capabilities and experience, coupled with advantageous pricing and customer satisfaction, resulted in their selection. 

What does this mean to me?

The Concur system will still be used for all on-line travel reservations.  We will have a primary agent, although they will no longer be on-site.  All calls will go into a queue with first priority to our Omega primary agent (Janice Bowser).  If she is unavailable, the call will be answered by another agent.

When is the Concur On-Line Transition Period?

The Concur on-line reservation system will be unavailable starting 5pm on Friday July 29th through 10am Monday August 1st in order to transfer traveler profiles and records. 

What happens if I have an urgent inquiry during the transition period?

Call CI Azumano through 11:59pm July 31st or

Call Omega starting midnight August 1st. 

What happens to travel arrangements made prior to the “Go-Live” date?

All arrangements made by CI Azumano will be transferred to Omega on August 1st.  Therefore, if assistance is needed on or after August 1st, you must contact Omega.

Questions / Concerns

Omega representatives will be holding informational / training sessions August 1st 3:00pm – 4:00pm and August 2nd 2:00pm – 3:00pm in the Cebaf Center Auditorium.  All staff are encouraged to attend.

            Topics will cover:

Introduction of Omega’s Account Manager, Reservation Agent, and Transition Team,

Elimination of on-site agent,

Who to contact when,

After hour emergency services,

Establishing a traveler profile,

Utilizing the Concur System,

New booking options,

Challenges faced with ever changing airline practices,

Omega Alerts,

And much more….


Contact CI Azumano (CIAZ) through July 31, 2016:

During Business Hours Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm (757) 461-0022 ext.4117

After Hours 1 - (888) 461-0022



Contact Omega World Travel starting August 1, 2016:

Business Hours Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm

1 - (888) 527-1279,

Email -

If you call outside of business hours, you will automatically drop into an After Hour Services queue and additional charge applies.


Concur General and Technical support 1-866-635-8497

JLab Travel Services 757-269-7192, Email