Reminder: Personal Appliance Use at Jefferson Lab

Reminder:  Personal Appliance Use at Jefferson Lab

Jefferson Lab’s Energy Conservation Policy is designed to provide efficient operation of building heating and cooling systems, and other energy consuming equipment (e.g., lighting, PCs, printers, etc). Further, the policy considers the delivery of adequate comfort conditions and work space safety.  Subsequently, the lab’s energy policy prohibits the use of personal electrical appliances in Lab buildings and spaces. (This doesn’t include authorized appliances in common-use areas like kitchenettes.)

Specifically, the policy states:

“Personal comfort and convenience appliances, including portable heaters, refrigerators, fans, coffee makers, microwave ovens, etc. are prohibited from use by individual building occupants”.

Portable heaters are prohibited from use except when the installed building heating system cannot maintain the prescribed occupied heating temperature range in a specific area.  In these cases, Facilities Management & Logistics (FM&L) will supply temporary, supplemental space heaters that are properly sized, UL rated, equipped with safety shut off and do not exceed 1500 watts.  Only heaters, and other appliances, provided by Facilities Management are approved for temporary use situations.  As the winter/heating season approaches, work space temperature for the heating season will be set for a target of 68°F – 70°F from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on normal work days.

The Lab provides refrigerators, microwave ovens, and coffee makers in common use space of buildings.  Personal household appliances are not authorized.

For your reference, a copy of the Jefferson Lab Energy Conservation Policy is available at:, under the “Sustainability” tab.

Please advise Jefferson Lab’s Sustainability Manager, Bill Mooney, regarding any special circumstance requests for personal appliance use (e.g., inadequate common refrigerated food storage space). FM&L will evaluate these requests on an individual basis and attempt to resolve them.

Finally, please know that there will be inspections of all areas around the lab to determine compliance with the personal appliance use policy. Please remove any personal appliances, or contact Mooney to have special circumstances evaluated. He may also be contacted at ext. 5461 or for questions and clarifications.

Your attention to these matters helps Jefferson Lab maintain the safest and most efficient work environments possible.  

Thank you for your cooperation.