Work Clothes In Tunnel & Halls During 6MD (sent on behalf of ESH&Q)

Work Clothes In Tunnel & Halls During 6MD (sent on behalf of ESH&Q)

Some of the initial observations being made of the 6-Month Down includes a concern over appropriate work clothes.

Our Work Planning, Control and Authorization process requires us to identify Standard Protecting Measures, which includes clothing. The activities we are working on in the tunnels and halls, coupled with the pace we are working, creates a "construction-type" environment. Given the hazards presented by the work in the tunnel and halls and the risks of cuts, bumps, bruises and scrapes - the minimum measure of proper work clothes is long pants, short-sleeved shirts, and sturdy shoes that enclose the foot and provide adequate traction.

These are minimum requirements for entry into the tunnel and halls. There may be other clothing requirements based upon the specific hazards present. For example, if you are working with heavy materials, steel-toed shoes need to be worn; if you are working in a construction zone, then hard hat and safety glasses are also required.

If you believe that the above-stated requirements create a safety hazard, please contact Todd Kujawa at x7006. He will assess your work environment and your concerns and determine whether there are engineering methods available to allow you to work safely.

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