Jefferson Lab Open House

A popular event held every two years at Jefferson Lab is Open House. It's the only time that the entire lab facility is open to the public, including Children. The next Open House was last held on May 19, 2012.


News Media

Jefferson Lab’s policy is to be open and forthright with the news media and all members of the general public.

To assist in the dissemination of news information, the lab provides a variety of resources, which are listed below.

If you seek additional information or can’t find the information you are seeking, the members of the lab’s Public Affairs staff are available to assist.

Public Affairs also can help reporters find expert sources for science and technology-based stories.

Media kits, provided upon request, offer a wealth of Jefferson Lab information, including fact sheets, photos, news clippings, maps and publications.

News media representatives should contact the Public Affairs Office prior to visiting Jefferson Lab.