Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs June 14, 2017

Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs
June 14, 2017


Jefferson Lab Published Journal Articles, June 4-10

  • Shaoyang Jia, M.R. Pennington. "Gauge covariance of the fermion Schwinger–Dyson equation in QED." Phys. Lett. B 769, 146.

Remember to submit your papers for approval to the Jefferson Lab Publications database.

Publications Refresher Course Set for June 21
The next Publications Refresher Course is set for June 21, 2-3 p.m. in CEBAF Center room F226. Familiarize yourself with the publications submission and approval system, DOE's Public Access program and Jefferson Lab activities to support public access. Sessions last about 45 minutes and include a live demonstration of all aspects of the publications system. If you plan to attend, R.S.V.P. to no later than June 20.

History Archives Photo of the Week
This week's photo of the week features the cryounit assembly area in the Test Lab on Feb. 2, 1993. If you can identify any of the individuals in the photo, contact

Facilities Management and Logistics

Annual Property Inventory Underway
Now through the end of August, Property Management staff members are verifying the physical location and serial number of randomly selected Jefferson Lab tagged property. When asked, Property Custodians must show Property Management personnel the items that they have assigned, at the correct location, and be able to show the tag # and serial #.

Reminders: If a tagged item is going to be put in a different location on-site for more than 30 days, a Movement Request must be submitted to the Property Management section; also, for any tagged item a Property Custodian plans to take off-site, the custodian must apply for and have a fully approved Property Pass or Temporary Property Movement (a loan) for the item.

More information about the property inventory and requirements can be found in the full memo.

Computing and Networking Infrastructure

IT Division Maintenance Period Set for 5 p.m. on Tuesday, June 20
On Tuesday, June 20, the IT Division will be performing systems maintenance on Jefferson Lab servers and systems during the maintenance period, 5-10 p.m. During this maintenance, there will be a short voicemail outage. In addition, IT Division staff will upgrade the login servers ( to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, since REHL5 is no longer supported. The jlabscr (/scratch, \\jlabscr) file server, cfs5, will also be down while it is relocated to the new Data Center. The Zimbra email service will also be offline while it is relocated to the new Data Center (see separate announcement). There will be brief outages to other central services, including web servers, while servers are rebooted overnight. Additionally, patches will also be released to Windows and Linux systems and servers. Plan on rebooting your desktop system no later than Friday, June 23, to finalize patch installation. If you have any questions or concerns about this maintenance, contact the IT Division Helpdesk at or x7155.

Zimbra Email/Calendar Outage During IT Maintenance Period
During the IT maintenance period on June 20, the IT Division will be relocating the Zimbra servers to a new Data Center. Starting at around 6 p.m., the Zimbra servers will be shut down, and all access to Zimbra email will be down during the move. The Zimbra mail servers will be back online no later than 10 p.m. Note that no incoming email will be lost, as it will be stored on the incoming mail servers during the outage and will be delivered once the Zimbra service is back online. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this outage, contact the IT Division Helpdesk at or x7155.

Consolidating Single Sign-On for Jefferson Lab Site
Over the next few weeks, IT Division staff will be upgrading and consolidating the single sign-on server for MIS applications and expanding it to other Jefferson Lab web applications. This should not cause any errors, but you may notice that you have to re-log-in to applications that have not been upgraded to use the single sign-on server. These issues should be resolved by the end of June. You may also notice that additional applications will begin to use the new single sign-on login page, as they are incorporated into the new environment.

Jefferson Lab Campus-Wide Phone Outage Scheduled for Saturday, July 8
Jefferson Lab’s landline telephone system will be down intermittently on Saturday, July 8, 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. The outage will permit equipment upgrades. Across Jefferson Lab, the outage will disrupt landline telephone services, voicemail and fax machine services. This outage will also affect Jefferson Lab and university phones in the ARC, but not the commercial tenants in the ARC.

To Get Help and Report Emergencies During the Outage:
- Use a cell phone to call 911.
- After you are advised to hang up by the 911 Dispatch Operator, immediately call the Jefferson Lab Security cell phone at 757-342-9868. Advise Security of the 911 call, the nature of the emergency and the location of the emergency.
- Or activate the closest fire alarm box if no cell phone or coverage to alert Security of your issue. (Security will send an officer to investigate; however response times will vary.) And if or when possible, follow up with a call to the Security cell at 757-342-9868 to advise them of the situation.

Inquiries during the outage can be made to Jefferson Lab Security’s cell phone at 757-342-9868. For more information regarding this outage, contact the IT Division Helpdesk at or x7155.

Environment, Safety, Health and Quality

Reminder: Temporary RadCon & IH Service Disruptions
Intermittent service disruptions ares still expected as specific work centers in the Environment, Safety, Health and Quality Division move into the new ESH&Q Division building (Bldg. 52).

Radiation Control (RadCon)
There will be no Rad Worker 1 - Practical Factors training available June 12-16; contact Keith Welch, x7212 or 757-876-5342; or David Hamlette, x7219 or 757-876-1743, for emergent needs. Visitor radiation dosimetry may not be available June 14-16; contact Becky Mosbrucker, x7236, for specific needs. The radiological analytical lab will be out of service July 10-17.

Industrial Hygiene (IH)
Expect slower than normal response times for work requests to Industrial Hygiene staff on June 14-15 and June 19-21. No Confined Space Entry support or respirator training/fit testing will be available Friday, June 16 and Monday, June 19; contact Jennifer Williams, x7882 or 757-240-0031, for emergent needs.

Please bear with ESH&Q Division staff members as they get their work centers moved into the new building. If you are aware of advance needs – especially for support needed from June 12 through early July, contact your ESH&Q point of contact as far in advance as possible. Additional restrictions may be added as the move progresses. Continue to check this brief for updates.

You can see the full memo here.


Annual Electricity Reduction Test Set for June 22
For one hour on Thursday, June 22, Jefferson Lab will reduce the amount of electricity it is drawing from the power grid, as part of a region-wide drill to reduce stress on the grid. For 2-3 p.m., pre-identified work centers will reduce electricity use by turning off or turning down equipment not necessary for critical work or safety. In addition, all employees will be asked to also minimize unnecessary electricity use in their offices and work areas. A Site-Wide Alert message will be sent out notifying the lab community of the load-reduction event and request that pre-identified areas reduce their electrical use, and in general across the lab, unneeded lights and appliances be turned off. For the June 22 test: Those individuals/groups using systems that are electrically power intensive, such as DC power supplies, operations in the Test Lab VTA (vertical test area) or cavity test areas, should plan work such that energy-intensive operations do not occur during the 1:45-3:15 p.m. test period. If this work will be stopped or reduced for the test, these systems should be powered down by 1:45 p.m. At the end of the annual test or an actual event, a SWA message will be sent out. For more information about the electricity reduction test, see the full memo.

Quark Cafe’s New Self-Serve, Hot Food Bar
The cafeteria contractor, eLITE Management Group, has shifted the breakfast and lunch hot food lines to a self-service food bar with a standardized price per ounce. Breakfast selections are now $0.30/ounce, and lunch selections are $0.50/ounce; the weight of the container is deducted from the total. Individually priced items (such as a sandwich), must be placed in a separate container for weighing purposes. More information and a step-by-step process for using the new hot food bar is available in the full memo.

Jefferson Lab Advances STEM Awareness For Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
Jefferson Lab teamed up with Outreach Services of the Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind (VSDB) and the Va. Dept. for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (VDDHH) to conduct a series of informational and educational events across the Commonwealth for deaf and hard of hearing 4th-8th grade students and members of their families. The events engaged students in STEM activities and provided them with the opportunity to meet students from other school divisions who are deaf or hard of hearing, while also making them aware of opportunities in STEM. Read more about the events here.

Jefferson Lab Calendar of Events

June 13-16: CLAS Collaboration Meeting
June 19-21: Users Group Annual Meeting
June 22-23: Joint Hall A & C Summer Collaboration Meeting
June 29-30: SoLID Collaboration Meeting
July 4: Independence Day holiday; Jefferson Lab closed

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