Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs November 14, 2012

Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs
November 14, 2012


The deconstruction of the Hall C Short Orbit Spectrometer is continuing. In order to facilitate crane access, the rails on which the SOS rolls were re-installed and the spectrometer was rotated (for the first time in many years) to a different angle. Removal of walkways, platforms and hydraulic cylinders is now in progress.


The Machine Shop has been busy with many projects:

  • 55 re-furbished magnets have been delivered for 12 GeV re-work;
  • Work continues on the final lengthening shims and the SPT support mounting brackets (four assemblies);
  • The shop is manufacturing the insertion end mount ring ball assembly and the puck spring retainer for the Free-Electron Laser's load-lock injector gun;
  • The shop is also building the diagnostic wire scanner for the kinematic form mount assembly for the FEL;
  • Finally, Hall B's CLAS 12 high threshold Cerenkov counter (HTCC) mold mirror foam substrate facet blocks 1L and 1R are being cut to size on the shop's five axis machine.

Projects using the shop's new computer numerical control machine include:

  • 12 GeV re-worked magnets;
  • Hall B's HTCC detector mirror assembly gluing jig;
  • An aluminum contoured vacuum fixture to glue four mirror sectors together to form 1/12th of the whole Hall B HTCC detector mirror.

The shop has processed 118 job requests since August 13.

JLab Calendar of Events

Nov. 14: Interfacing EPICS & LabVIEW presentation
Nov. 15-17: CTEQ Collaboration Meeting
Nov. 19: Safety Shoe vendor onsite
Nov. 20: Colloquium and Public Lecture
Nov. 22-23: Thanksgiving holiday; JLab closed
Nov. 26: VA STEAM Academy Colloquium and Public Lecture
Dec. 3: Safety Shoe vendor onsite
Dec. 8: JAG Children's Holiday Party
Dec. 10: Sentara Mobile Mammography unit onsite
Dec. 17: Safety Shoe vendor onsite
Dec. 24-Jan. 1: Winter Holidays and Shutdown Days, JLab closed

Environment, Safety, Health and Quality

Minding Your Hands
At JLab, hand and finger injuries continue to be the most prevalent injury. Good work planning and sound work practices are key to avoiding these injuries. To help refresh your knowledge on the topic, the ESH&Q Division has produced a slideshow training document on hand safety. As you plan work and conduct work observations, remember to think about tools, body positions and personal protective equipment, with the aim toward preventing injuries.

Computing and Networking Infrastructure

CNI Maintenance Period Set for Nov. 20
The CNI group will have a maintenance period on Tuesday, Nov. 20, 5-10 p.m. During that time, network work will be performed that will cause a brief outage for Building 36 and the Test Lab Annex.  All network outages will be finished by 6 p.m. In addition, Windows and Linux security patches and updates to Firefox, Thunderbird, Java, FlashPlayer and Shockwave Player will be applied. Plan to reboot your systems on Wednesday to finalize patch and update installation. Finally, work will be performed on the CUE /home (J:) file server; no service interruption is expected. If you have any questions or concerns about this maintenance period, contact the IT Division Helpdesk, x7155.


Last Chance to Order Thanksgiving Desserts from Quark Cafe
The cafe is accepting holiday dessert orders through Friday, Nov. 16, during breakfast, lunch and Wednesday snack hours. The cafe is offering a selection of whole pies, including sweet potato, southern pecan, apple and blueberry. Pumpkin cheesecake is also available. Pre-ordered desserts will be available for pickup on Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov. 20-21. Pick up your order form and get more information in the Quark Cafe.

Limits of the Nuclear Landscape Talk Set for Nov. 20
Witold Nazarewicz, University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Lab, will address "The Limits of the Nuclear Landscape" in a colloquium and public lecture on Tuesday, Nov. 20, at 4 p.m. in the CEBAF Center auditorium. Understanding nuclei is a quantum many-body problem of incredible richness and diversity. Studies of nuclei address some of the great challenges that are common throughout modern science. Nuclear structure research strives to build a unified and comprehensive microscopic framework in which bulk nuclear properties, nuclear excitations and nuclear reactions can all be described. A new and exciting focus in this endeavor lies in the description of exotic and short-lived nuclei at the limits of proton-to-neutron asymmetry, mass and charge.

Toys For Tots Toy Drive Planned
As in years' past, JLab will participate in the U.S. Marine Corps' annual Toys For Tots toy drive, beginning in late November.

Children’s Holiday Party Set for Dec. 8
The Jefferson Activities Group is hosting the Children’s Holiday Party on Saturday, Dec. 8, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. in the CEBAF Center lobby. All children of JLab employees, contractors and users are invited. Each family is asked to bring a new, unopened toy donation for Toys For Tots. Santa Claus plans to drop by with JAG Dog Training Club member, Dan Young, Physics Division, and his two Samoyeds, Nikko and Tally (aka JLab's Santa dogs), for photographs and messages from the children. Games, craft activities, light snacks and drinks will be provided. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Lab Scientists and Administrators Invited to Virginia STEAM Academy Colloquium
Everyone at JLab is invited to a talk about the Virginia Science, Technology, Engineering and Applied Mathematics (VA STEAM) Academy at 3 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 26, in the CEBAF Center auditorium. Judy Stewart, VA STEAM Academy co-founder, will discuss the creation, development and critical need for the academy, which is slated to open its doors to its first freshman class in 2014. The four-year residential program is intended to be a uniquely challenging experience for high-school students with ability and potential in science, engineering, or math. A VA STEAM Academy and JSA/Jefferson Lab Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will be signed just prior to this colloquium, to establish a partnership that will provide outstanding educational opportunities to VA STEAM faculty and students. Cookies and coffee will be served in the CEBAF Center lobby beginning at 2:30 p.m.
Tracking Thomas at JLab
Little Thomas is visiting all corners of the JLab campus. If you can identify his location this week, email Kandice Carter with your guess. Guesses are accepted through Friday.

Congratulations this week go to Harry Fanning, who was the first to correctly identify the location for Nov. 7. Honorable mentions go to Doug Higinbotham, Whit Seay, Bryan Moffit, Dave Gaskell and Narciso Gomez. Check out the Tracking Thomas webpage for a better view of his last location and this week's new mystery photo.