Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs September 15, 2010

Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs
September 15, 2010

12 GeV Upgrade

Facilities Management & Logistics personnel are preparing solicitations for two 12 GeV civil procurements. The FY11 procurements include work to be performed during the six-month accelerator shutdown. One will involve the low conductivity water systems in the North and South Access Buildings, which will be upgraded to increase the capacity. The water will be drained from the LCW systems to facilitate reconfiguration of the piping. The design review for this procurement package is scheduled for Sept. 17. The second FY11 procurement includes two new penetrations into the tunnel at the beam switchyard. During the FY10 summer Scheduled Accelerator Down, the locations of these penetrations were identified by representatives from Facilities Management & Logistics, Survey & Alignment, Accelerator Operations and Accelerator Power Systems.


AIP State Department Fellowship Application Deadline is Nov. 1
Qualified scientists at any stage of their career who are U.S. citizens, have a Ph.D. in physics or a closely related field, are members of one or more of AIP’s 10 member societies and are eligible to receive an appropriate security clearance are encouraged to apply. Final interviews will take place early in 2011 and the 12-month Fellowship term will begin in September 2011. For more information and to apply, visit the AIP website.


The last of the tunnel work before daily lockup is underway. Recovery coordinators are meeting everyday. Injector hot checkouts began in prep for injector work with beam. HCOs of harps, valves and beam position monitors are underway. Arc 10 stands continue to be aligned and grouted. Arc magnet shim checks have been completed, and failed shims have been re-epoxied into place. The Arc #2 box supply was replaced with a spare. End Station Refrigerator Turbine #1 was replaced, but failed testing; the brake housing cleaned, and the unit will be retested later. A Turbine #2 cooling water flow switch problem was fixed. There was a South Linac power outage to install additional circuits for the expansion of service building equipment. The Central Helium Liquefier tripped, and a sensor was replaced. The Personnel Safety System functional certification for all zones, pressure vessel code reinspections and the W1 building CAMAC to VME conversion tasks were completed. Superconducting radiofrequency commissioning of cryomodules 1L08 and 2L15 began over the weekend, as was injector laser hut checks. The coming week will see as much as possible locked up for HCOs and SRF commissioning.

Free-Electron Laser

The laser started robustly after the holiday, and initial characterization indicates the performance exceeds expectations. In particular, the FEL team observed an impressive turn-on and can lase with a 10-microsecond macropulse.

Center for Theoretical and Computational Physics

The new Associate Director for Theoretical and Computational Physics has arrived. Michael Pennington is from Durham University in the UK, where he was dean for educational outreach as well as a professor in the Institute of Particle Physics Phenomenology. Pennington's research interests are in strong-coupling QCD, studying how the confinement of quarks and gluons determines the nature and interactions of the hadrons we observe. His research not only overlaps with the interests of other members of the group, but strongly complements the current and future experimental programs at JLab. His priority is to work closely with experimental groups to ensure the 12 GeV upgrade provides definitive answers to key questions in strong interaction physics. This will guarantee continued recognition for the unique role JLab plays in world nuclear physics and provide a springboard for securing the lab's longer term plans.

JLab's Safety Numbers

16 Days since Last Recordable Accident (JLab record: 331)
16 Days since Last Lost Workday Accident (JLab record: 676)

Environment, Safety, Health & Quality

Maximo Requisition System Change Regarding Selection of Vendors for Class A or B Welding
A change to the Maximo Requisition System will took effect in early September;  additional information is now required on the first page of a purchase requisition. In addition to questions asked about radioactive material, other hazardous materials or chemicals, work onsite or required incoming inspections, one will have to answer if "Welding or Brazing is Required." When answering this question, the user will have to consider if the material or service is part of a fabrication requiring class A or B welding or brazing by the vendor. (For information regarding weld classifications, refer to ES&H Manual Chapter 6122 Appendix T6 Welding and Brazing Program). If one answers "yes," a series of three questions will need to be answered to further define the project as one involving structural welding and/or pressure systems. (For information regarding pressure systems, refer to ES&H Manual Chapter 6151 Pressure Systems).

Additionally, below the initial question, there is a link to an approved vendor list. This list contains vendors that have been pre-qualified to perform these types of welding and brazing operations. If you notice that a preferred vendor is not on the list, contact Danny Lloyd, x7121.

Further questions about this process and the Quality Assurance oversight of welding processes for purchased services/material may be addressed to Michael Martin, x5515, or Bruce Lenzer, x7586.

Computing and Networking Infrastructure

Major Systems Outage on Saturday, Sept. 18
The CNI group is currently planning a major computer systems outage for Saturday, Sept. 18, 6 a.m.-5 p.m. During this time, all major systems will be unavailable, including e-mail and access to central file services, such as the J:, K:, L:, and M: drives, home directories, group areas, etc. All services will return to full operation by 5 p.m. For additional information, contact the IT Division Helpdesk, x7155.

New Computer Center Web Pages
The CNI group has been working to update the computer center web pages. On Tuesday evening, Sept. 21, the new web pages will be installed. These web pages are updated to include current information about a variety of topics.

Mac Support In the Works
The CNI group will begin supporting Macintosh desktops and laptops beginning Oct. 1. More details will be available in the following weeks.


Radiation Control Building Only Accessible Via Detour Route
Due to construction, the final section of Rattley Road/Hadron Drive in front of Radiation Control is closed to all non-construction traffic, including pedestrians, golf carts and vehicles. The Radiation Control trailers are now only accessible via detour. To reach Radiation Control, take BCS road toward the Central Material Storage Area. The detour route is available on the right past the closed section of Hadron Drive. A map of the detour route is linked off of the Construction Corner portlet on Insight.

Patent Your Bright Ideas at JLab
Is something you have made or is something you are doing in your work at JLab patentable? If so, the process is simple: write it down and enter it into the lab's online database. The Technology Review Committee will take it from there. Your patentable ideas greatly benefit both the lab and the inventor(s), starting with a $500 cash award granted by JSA to the inventor(s) for each patent issued by the Patent Office. Once a patent is licensed, JSA and the inventor(s) evenly split the resulting royalties after administrative costs have been recovered. Still not sure? For questions and help, e-mail

Dust Off Those Golf Clubs for the JLab 2010 Fall Golf Tournament
This year's event will be held on Thursday, Oct. 21, at the Golden Horseshoe Golf Club (Green Course) in Williamsburg, Va., with a shotgun start at 1 p.m. Each team must have at least two JLab employees. The cost for JLab employees (receive a paycheck from JSA - Jefferson Science Associates, LLC) is $50; the cost for non-JLab employees is $65. The fee includes range balls, green fees, cart, food after the tournament and the prize fund. Sign up by Friday Oct. 15. To sign up, see Mike Zarecky, ARC 500/47, with a check made payable to him and your average score for 18 holes. If you have questions, contact Danny Machie, x7501 or Mike Zarecky, x7609.

JLab Calendar of Events

Sept. 20: Safety Shoe Vendor onsite
Sept. 20-21: Searching for a New Gauge Boson at JLab
Sept. 22-24: First International Symposium on the Superconducting Science and Technology of Ingot Niobium
Oct. 5: Safet Shoe Vendor onsite
Oct. 5: American Red Cross Blood Drive
Oct. 5: Science Series: Einstein for Everyone
Oct. 13-15: Nucleon Structure at Large Bjorken x (HiX2010) Workshop