Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs September 7, 2016

Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs
September 7, 2016

12 GeV Upgrade

The tooling to install the steel shields on the photomultiplier tubes of the CLAS12 Central Time of Flight detector has been delivered. These are the first items to appear from a final order of tooling and installation fixtures for the CTOF; the balance of the order includes the installation arm and transport strong-back needed to install the detector slats into the Solenoid magnet bore. The remaining fast electronic modules, the crate trigger processors, needed to complete the data acquisition and triggering systems for Hall B, have now all been checked out and are installed in Hall B. Finally, the bids have arrived and are being evaluated for the tungsten-based Moeller-electron shield, which is needed to shield the downstream detectors in CLAS12 from that source of background hits. All six Region 1 Drift Chamber sectors have been installed into the Torus magnet support frames, and the first of six Region 2 sectors of the Drift Chamber are also installed.


Jefferson Lab Published Journal Articles, Aug. 29 - Sept. 2

Publications Refresher Course Set for Sept. 23
Mark your calendars and R.S.V.P. to attend the next Publications Refresher Course to receive a demonstration of the Jefferson Lab Publications System and to have all of your questions about public access answered. The next course is Friday, Sept. 23, at 9 a.m. in CEBAF Center room F224-225. R.S.V.P. to by close of business on Thursday, Sept. 22.

Center for Theoretical and Computational Physics

The Jefferson Lab Angular Momentum Collaboration has performed the first iterative Monte Carlo analysis of fragmentation functions constrained by all available data from single-inclusive e+e- annihilation into pions and kaons. The IMC method eliminates potential bias in traditional analyses based on single fits introduced by fixing parameters not well constrained by the data, and provides a statistically rigorous determination of uncertainties. The analysis reveals specific features of fragmentation functions using the new IMC methodology and those obtained from previous analyses, especially for light quarks and for strange quark fragmentation to kaons.

Jefferson Lab Calendar of Events

Sept. 19: Safety Shoe Truck on-site
Sept. 20-22: Cyber Physical Systems Summit
Sept. 28: DOE S&T Visit
Oct. 5-7: JLEIC Collaboration Meeting
Oct. 13: American Red Cross Blood Drive
Oct. 17-19: Physics of Photocathodes for Photoinjectors (P3) Workshop
Oct. 27: JAG Oktoberfest

Environment, Safety, Health and Quality

September Is National Preparedness Month
According to, September is National Preparedness Month. Shopping for back-to-school items should serve as a reminder to stock up on emergency supplies, such as batteries and bottled water. We must all be prepared, now and throughout the year, for the types of emergencies that could affect us.

"Don’t Wait, Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today," is’s theme for the month of September. To help you make a plan and be bettered prepared, a variety of weekly discussions and activities have been scheduled. These include:

  • September 4-10: Preparing Family & Friends;
  • September 11-17: Preparing Through Service;
  • September 18-24: Individual Preparedness; and
  • September 30: National PrepareAthon! Day (National Day Of Action)

For more information, including a full list of activities and community events, visit

Computing and Networking Infrastructure

Short Network Outage Possible on Sept. 14
The CNI Networking group will be performing an update on the firewall hardware that protects the Jefferson Lab internal networks on Wednesday, Sept. 14, at 7 a.m. Any outage experienced should be brief, and the network should be back to normal by 7:30 a.m. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the IT Division Helpdesk at or x7155.


Hall B (SAF111) Safety Awareness Training Updated
SAF111 Hall B Safety Awareness Training has been revised for everyone needing the skill. This training will expire on Oct. 1 for anyone who last completed this training prior to Sept. 1. Those who have taken the training prior to Oct. 1, 2014, will need to read and sign the training document and schedule a walk-through. Employees may make an appointment for the walk-through by contacting Eugene Pasyuk at or Doug Tilles at 757-810- 9576 or Subcontractors may arrange a walk-though with their SOTR. Those who completed the training by reading and signing the document and participating in a walk-through after Oct. 1, 2014, need only read and sign the new document.

Appointments Still Available for TIAA-CREF Individual Counseling Sessions
TIAA-CREF is offering Individual Counseling Sessions, where you can discuss your personal financial situation with a TIAA-CREF financial consultant on a confidential basis. The consultant will be available at Jefferson Lab on Oct. 27 in Support Service Center room 22i to discuss how to help you achieve your financial goals by investing in financial solutions, such as mutual funds, brokerage, life insurance and annuities. To schedule an appointment, call TIAA-CREF at (800) 732-8353, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.–8 p.m. (ET).


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