Commonwealth, High-Tech Leaders Recognize 14 Jefferson Lab Staff Members for Patent Work

Fourteen current and former Jefferson Lab employees were recognized on April 4 for their work on nine recently approved patents. On hand to applaud the individuals for their innovative work were the Commonwealth's Secretary of Technology, several of Virginia's high technology leaders, Southeastern Universities Research Association (SURA) President Jerry Draayer, Department of Energy Site Office staff and Jefferson Lab leadership.

Virginia Secretary of Technology George C. Newstrom and SURA President Draayer presented commemorative plaques to the recipients while JLab Technology Transfer Manager Fred Dylla briefly explained each patent innovation or its potential for technology transfer to the distinguished guests and the audience.

During opening comments, Draayer described the pursuit of patents as an extremely important part of the Lab's ongoing technology transfer program. "I know how busy you are," he said to the scientists and technicians being recognized for their patent-producing work, "and I want to assure you that the time you invest in pursuing a patent is very worthwhile. It is great to bring an idea or dream to reality."

"The Department of Energy has consistently rated the Lab 'outstanding' for its efforts in technology transfer, and patents is a vital part of this," he added.

Secretary Newstrom applauded the Lab's work on behalf of Governor Mark Warner and his administration. Newstrom described his efforts as understanding Virginia's high-tech capabilities and determining how Virginia can best compete nationally and globally. "And with what I saw this morning [during the Lab tour] I'm very optimistic about our future."

Acknowledging the individuals being recognized for their patent work, Newstrom continued, "You are the future of our industries — Virginia's and the nations. You are the heroes that will make sure Virginia is part of the global marketplace."

In addition to Secretary Newstrom, Virginia's Deputy Secretary of Technology Eugene Huang; Anne Armstrong, president of the Center for Innovative Technology (CIT); and Terry Riley, head of the Hampton Roads Technology Council (HTRC), also attended the ceremony. The stop at Jefferson Lab was one of a handful of visits the Secretary made in Hampton Roads today. This evening he will attend the Hampton Roads Technology Center TechNite 2002 dinner in Newport News.

Individuals recognized and patent titles

The intellectual property awards presented at JLab today cover a variety of innovations and developments in accelerator technologies, particle detector technologies, and instrumentation.

Detector technology recognition went to:

Instrumentation intellectual property awards went to:

Accelerator technology recognition went to:

Today's nine patents recognize the efforts of 14 people. Including these, SURA/JLab now holds a total of 31 patents, with 66 people named on those patents. (A number of these individuals are named on more than one patent.)

In addition to a $500 award given for each patent issued, there is a 50/50 royalty split for any royalties earned on any patent, between the inventor and SURA/JLab.

The Lab and its contract manager, SURA, encourage Lab staff to apply for patents on novel, commercially applicable ideas through the Lab's Technology Transfer Office. Depending on the backlog at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, obtaining a patent can take from 1-2 years after filing the application, according to JLab's Legal Counsel, Rhonda Scales. After an invention disclosure is forwarded to the Patent Attorney, an application is drafted by the attorney and reviewed by the inventor(s). Once everyone is satisfied with the contents of the application, it is filed with the USPTO. The Patent Attorney coordinates with JLab Counsel and responds to any official actions by the USPTO. On average, it costs approximately $5000 to prosecute a patent.

Any company or small business may submit a proposal to obtain a license of rights from SURA to use, manufacture or sell a SURA invention or patent.

Summary of Patents available

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