This artist's rendering shows what the completed addition will look like. A print quality file of this graphic may be downloaded from JPIX.

Jefferson Lab awards $7.3 million construction contract to Chesapeake firm

Newport News, VA. — On June 7, the Department of Energy’s Jefferson Lab awarded a $7.3 million construction project to Mid Eastern Builders, Inc. of Chesapeake, Va.

The contract is to build a much needed, three-story, 61,000 square-foot addition to Jefferson Lab’s main administration building, CEBAF Center. This will nearly double the size of CEBAF Center and include an enlarged area for Jefferson Lab’s Computer Center as well as office space for staff and visiting scientists. The addition was designed by CEGG Associates of Virginia Beach, using concepts and principles from the United States Green Building Council, a coalition that promotes buildings that are environmentally responsible and are healthy places to work in.

Mid Eastern Builders, Inc., is scheduled to begin work on the addition in July; and the project is expected to take 14-16 months. Mid Eastern Builders previously built Jefferson Lab’s Free-Electron Laser User Facility.