Jefferson Lab's Education Web Site Hits New High-Usage Record

Jefferson Lab's Science Education web site hit a new high in usage yesterday. In a 24-hour-period nearly 125,000 pages were viewed, according to Steve Gagnon, JLab Education technician.

"Our previous record was 114,094 pages viewed in a single day," Gagnon explained. "On April 18 a total of 124,900 pages were viewed. Our previous record was set last week. Before that our high was around 89,000 pages. It has been exciting to see the level of use the page has gotten recently. Most of the pages accessed were from our Virginia Standards of Learning Science, Math and Technology Practice Tests and our 'Who Wants to Win $1,000,000 Math and Science Quiz.'"

The SOL practice tests provide students, teachers, parents — or anyone interested in the information — access to math, science and technology practice tests for various education levels. The web site is set up so a person can request 10, 15, or 20 multiple-choice questions from a single category.

The interactive design of the site lets users select and submit their answer. They are told if their response is right or wrong. If correct, the answer page repeats the question/problem and the correct answer. If a question is answered incorrectly, the answer page provides the question with the correct answer.

"We expected use of the SOL pages to climb in the spring as the annual testing period starts, but we've just been amazed with the amount of use the practice test pages are receiving," Gagnon stated. "The other hot spot on the Education Web page is the 'Who Wants to Win $1,000,000 Math and Science Quiz', which is also a fun way to review math and science information — even though contestants aren't playing for real money."

To check out the Jefferson Lab Education web page, visit To access the SOL practice tests or to play the $1,000,000 math and science quiz, click on the Games & Puzzles icon.


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