NASA and DOE Jefferson Lab Agree to Explore Mutual Research Projects

Two local research powerhouses have agreed to explore projects of mutual interest — like "growing" hair-like microscopic "nano" structures at the atomic level for optimum performance. Such a high-performance composite structure could result in an improved golf club shaft, for example, or any consumer, industrial or defense application where strength and light weight are critical.

Under the agreement signed today, NASA's Langley Research Center and DOE's Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab) will focus on applications of technologies they have invented in support of their respective aerospace- and nuclear physics-related research. The two federal labs, both located on the Virginia Peninsula, will work toward a rapid exchange of expertise and mutual access to facilities with a goal of increasing effectiveness and eliminating costs of duplication. In the "nanotechnology" example, NASA Langley will contribute its expertise in structures and materials and Jefferson Lab will contribute its unique Free Electron Laser facility.

NASA Langley has innovative technologies and expertise in a broad range of disciplines, including aerodynamics, aerospace systems, atmospheric sciences, systems engineering, and airborne systems and has world class facilities in which evolving technologies may be tested.

Jefferson Lab has a charter to provide intense electron beams and light beams to the international scientific and national industrial community in support of basic and applied research. It has unique capabilities in clean rooms for sophisticated chemical processing, superconducting radio frequency power systems, tools and technologies, ultra high vacuum technologies and highly sophisticated cryogenic distribution and process controls software and hardware, and photon processing.

There will be a formal signing ceremony at DOE Jefferson Lab tomorrow, Jan. 23, at 10:30 am. NASA Langley center director Dr. Jeremiah Creedon and DOE Jefferson Lab director Dr. Christoph Leemann will lead the ceremony. Following the 30-minute ceremony and a question and answer session for news media, a short media tour of several DOE Jefferson Lab sites will provide visual opportunities. Call Linda Ware at 269-7689 for details of the ceremony or lab tour. For directions to Jeff Lab see:


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