JLab Meadows Offer Environmental Benefits and Beauty

Just two years after Facilities Management and Logistics staff proposed seeding about 6.5 acres of the Jefferson Lab campus with wildflowers, the lab is beginning to realize the benefits.

One upside is a $6,500 reduction in annual maintenance costs, since the meadows blanketed with flowers no longer need mowing.

The seed mix also has produced a crop that is attractive to both people (lots of vibrant, colorful blossoms) and wildlife (lots of nutritious plant species), providing the lab a triple benefit: enhanced aesthetics, improved environmental diversity and reduced maintenance costs.

In a related effort to protect the environment and support the local community, JLab also encourages litter pick up on campus and along neighboring streets. JLab's next Adopt-A-Spot litter pick up will be from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Friday, July 25. The volunteer event is open to everyone at JLab.

For information on greenscaping, check out the Environmental Protection Agency's GreenScapes website. It includes a seasonal tips calendar on landscape maintenance and a pamphlet that provides cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for large-scale landscapers and homeowners.

See all the beautiful images of JLab's wildflowers


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