About Accelerators

A cryomodule being prepared for assembly

A cryomodule being prepared for assembly and later installation in Jefferson Lab's accelerator. Jefferson Lab is a world leader in superconducting  radiofrequency (SRF) technologies.

Jefferson Lab is home to two superconducting radiofrequency accelerators: the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility and the Free-Electron Laser.

The CEBAF accelerator is a unique accelerator used to conduct investigations in the field of nuclear physics.

It provides high-current, medium-energy electron beams concurrently to three experimental halls for the study of quarks and gluons, protons and neutrons and the nucleus of the atom.

The Jefferson Lab Free-Electron Laser, though powered by a smaller SRF accelerator, holds power records in the production of infrared, ultraviolet and terahertz beams.

The FEL has been used in a variety of scientific studies, such as developing processes for producing high-quality carbon and boron-nitride nanotubes, identifying laser light wavelengths for use in medical treatments and in micromachining studies.

General information about accelerators and their scientific, medical and other uses can be found in Accelerators and Beams, a publication of the American Physical Society.