Physics Seminar

Physics SeminarIgal JaegleUniversity of Florida at GainesvilleCompton photoproduction of axion-like, dark photon, dark scalar, and dark matter particles


We propose a novel way to search for the axion-like pseudo-scalar (a), the dark photon (A’), the dark scalar (¿), and the light dark matter (¿) in the Compton process, ¿ + e- ¿ a/A’/¿ + e- with a/A’/¿ decaying into leptons, photons, or ¿'s (when permitted) for the mass ranges of 1 = mA’/a/¿ =100 MeV/c2 and 0.5 = m¿ = 50 MeV/c2, respectively. We will review how past, current, and future experiments (beam-dump and fixed target using a lepton or photon beam) can use this new production mechanism of dark particles. We will dis-cuss the expected sensitivities of these experiments on the axion-like pseudo-scalar coupling to electron (gae), the kinetic mixing (¿) between the dark photon and the photon, and the dark scalar coupling to electron (ye).

May 17, 2019
CEBAF Auditorium