SoLID Collaboration Meeting

  • SoLID Collaboration Meeting
    2021-12-15EST9:00:00 ~ 2021-12-16EST18:00:00
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SoLID Collaboration Meeting (Remote)


12/15 (Wednesday)

9:00   Welcome      Paul Souder

9:10   Overview of Progress       Jian-ping Chen

9:30   Discussion

9:40   Hall A Status     Mark Jones

10:00  Discussion

10:10  PVDIS and Other BSM          Paul Souder/Xiaochao Zheng

10:30  Discussion

10:40  Break

11:00  Theory talk on Low-Energy Search for BSM?         TBD

11:50  Discussion

12:00  Break

12:20  Input from JLab management?        Stuart/Bob/Rolf/Thia

12:40  Discussion

12:50  Lunch Break

13:50  Software?      Ole Hansen

14:10  Discussion

14:20  AI/ML from Data Science Group?   TBD

14:40  Discussion

14:50  Status of Simulations?      Zhiwen Zhao

15:10  Discussion

15:20  Break

15:40  Simulation Talk I - Tracking?     Weizhi Xiong

16:00  Simulation Talk II - ECal and Event Generators?    Ye Tian

16:20  Discussion

16:30  SIDIS Status and 20-24 GeV Projections?      Haiyan Gao/ Vlad Khachatryan

16:50  Discussion

17:00  J/Psi Status         Zein-Eddine Meziani

17:20  Discussion

17:30  General Discussion

18:00  Adjourn


12/16 (Thursday)

9:00  GEM R&D from Chinese Collaborators?         Jianbei Li

9:20  Discussion

9:30  MRPC R&D Update?       Yi Wang/Zhohong Ye

9:50  Discussion

10:00 GEM Status and Plan?      Nilanga Liyanage

10:20 Discussion

10:30 Break

10:50  Pre-R&D Progress - Cherenkov?     Michael Paolone 

11:10  Status and Plan on LGC?      Michael Paolone/Zein-Eddine Mezaini

11:30  Discussion

11:40  Status and Plan for HGC?      Zhiwen Zhao/Garth Huber

12:00  Discussion

12:10  Lunch Break

13:10  Magnet Testing, Detector Support      Whit Seay

13:30  Discussion

13:40  Pre-R&D Progress - DAQ?    Alexandre Camsonne

14:00  Status and Plan on DAQ?    Alexandre Camsoone

14:20  Discussion

14:30  ECal Status and Plan?   Xiaochao Zheng

14:50  Discussion

15:00  Break

15:20  Beam Test Plan?   Xiaochao Zheng

15:40  Discussion

15:50  Web, DocDB, Information Maintenance and Continuity?   Steve Wood

16:10  Discussion

16:20  General Discussion, Next Meeting Dates, Other Businesses

17:30  End of the collaboration meeting


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Jian-ping Chen
(757) 218-0722