Tensor Spin Observables

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  • Tensor Spin Observables
    Trento, Italy
    2023-07-10EDT8:00:00 ~ 2023-07-14EDT17:00:00
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Several experiments are planned at Jefferson Lab and other facilities which will utilize a solid tensor polarized target. This new program will help clarify how the properties of the nucleus arise from the underlying partons, and provide novel information about gluon contributions, quark angular momentum, and the polarization of the quark sea that is not accessible in spin-1/2 targets. The workshop goals are to communicate recent experimental advances, stimulate progress in the theoretical treatment of polarized spin-1 systems, to foster the development of new proposals, and to stimulate further advances in target development.

Event Date
Trento, Italy
Scientific Program
Contact Name
Douglas Higinbotham
(757) 269-7851