Theory Seminar - Antonio Smecca

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  • Theory Seminar - Antonio Smecca
    2022-06-13EDT13:00:00 ~ 2022-06-13EDT14:00:00
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Speaker: Antonio Smecca (University of Turin)

Title: Inclusive semileptonic B-decays from lattice QCD

Abstract: Among the many anomalies and tensions in flavour physics, one of the most persistent ones is the V_cb puzzle. Essentially, it is a difference of about 2.7 sigmas between the Inclusive and Exclusive estimate of the CKM matrix element V_cb. In order to understand the origin of this tension from first principles, one needs calculations obtained using lattice QCD. Until recently, the application of lattice QCD was limited to the computation of form factors needed for the calculation of exclusive semileptonic decays where the initial and final hadrons are known.

Nowadays, new methods have been proposed for computing inclusive decay rates of semileptonic B-decays using lattice QCD. In this seminar, one of these new methods will be discussed together with the presentation of the first results of the inclusive decay rate and related observables. The results obtained are also compared with the analytic predictions of the Operator Product Expansion (OPE) and provide a first systematic study of the quark-hadron duality.

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Patrick Barry
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