Theory Seminar: Duff Neill

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CC F224/225

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Speaker: Duff Neill (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Title: Fragmentation and Reciprocity

Abstract: I will discuss the relationship between the anomalous dimension of Parton Distribution Functions to Fragmentation Functions to all orders in the coupling, motivated by findings in conformal field theory. In particular, I will give a set of evolution equations whose kernels are determined by the DGLAP anomalous dimensions for PDFs, but when solved determine the structure of the fragmentation cross-section, especially in the limit of soft fragmentation. This gives an all-orders extension of the older leading log angular ordering approximation previously used in fragmentation studies, with systematic approximations to the resummed perturbative series for QCD. When coupled with the parton-hadron duality hypothesis, this gives a model for light hadron fragmentation that agrees very well with high energy electron-positron data.