Theory Seminar - Hervé Dutrieux

  • Theory Seminar - Hervé Dutrieux
    2021-06-14EDT9:00:00 ~ 2021-06-14EDT10:00:00
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Speaker: Hervé Dutrieux (CEA Saclay)

Title: The deconvolution problem of deeply virtual Compton scattering

Abstract: Generalized parton distributions are instrumental to study both the three-dimensional structure and the energy-momentum tensor of the nucleon, and motivate numerous experimental programmes involving hard exclusive measurements. Based on a next-to-leading order analysis and a careful study of evolution effects, we exhibit non-trivial generalized parton distributions with arbitrarily small imprints on deeply virtual Compton scattering and Deeply Inelastic Scattering observables. This means that in practice the reconstruction of generalized parton distributions from measurements, known as the deconvolution problem, does not possess a unique solution for this channel.

I will detail in this presentation the computation of such distributions, and discuss their relevance for the phenomenology of generalized parton distributions.

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Astrid Hiller Blin
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