Accelerator Seminar - Anish Jantrania : On-Site Wastewater Reuse Challenges and Opportunities

On-Site Wastewater Reuse Challenges and Opportunities

Evolution in on-site wastewater systems continues since its beginning more than two centuries ago.  While the first and second generations of systems focused on waste disposal and treatment-dispersal, the third generation is focusing on the reuse of treated wastewater on-site.  Primary difference between on-site and off-site wastewater systems is the proximity of the wastewater systems to the source of wastewater. While large municipalities operating centralized sewer and off-site wastewater treatment facilities have made tremendous progress towards achieving Direct Potable Reuse (DPR) water quality goals, small on-site wastewater systems have just been successful to achieve Indirect Potable Reuse (IPR) water quality goals.  Removing micro-pollutants (emerging contaminants) is challenging using conventional wastewater treatment technologies.  Can the use of e-beam technology make a difference?  This talk will briefly present the current state of on-site wastewater reuse technologies assessed at the Texas A&M University OSSF Center, present the challenges related to emerging contaminants, and open discussion on future potential collaboration between TAMU and J-Lab to evaluate opportunities for using of e-beam to overcome challenges associated with on-site DPR of wastewater.