Accelerator Seminar - Nicholas Sereno: Fast Orbit Feedback (FOFB)System Design and R&D for the APS Upgrade (APS-U)

Title:  Fast Orbit Feedback (FOFB)System Design and R&D for the APS Upgrade (APS-U)


Abstract: Orbit feedback system design and beam diagnostics required for the APS upgrade (APS-U) are driven by challenging beam stability requirements. The AC stability specification states that rms beam motion must be corrected to 10 \% the rms beam size at the insertion device source points from 0.01 to 1000 Hz. The vertical plane has the tightest rms AC stability requirement of 400 nm. Long term drift over a period of 7 days is required to be 1 micron or less. In this talk we discuss feedback system design using a prototype feedback controller (FBC) developed for an R&D program testing the designs ability to meet the stability requirements. We show how the feedback system integrates signals from various diagnostics devices and show two algorithm results from the R&D program using the prototype FBC in the original APS storage ring sectors 27 and 28.