The Future of Color Transparency and Hadronization Studies at Jefferson Lab and Beyond

  • The Future of Color Transparency and Hadronization Studies at Jefferson Lab and Beyond
    2021-06-07EDT9:00:00 ~ 2021-06-08EDT17:00:00
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This workshop will explore the options for new theoretical and experimental efforts towards resolving the puzzling lack of color transparency in protons as reported by a new A(e,e’p) experiment at the recently upgraded Jefferson Lab. The objectives of the workshop are to stimulate new theoretical and experimental work towards understanding the origins of the apparent reaction dependence of this fundamental prediction of QCD, and/or the differences between three-quark and quark-antiquark states.

The connection of color transparency/coherence phenomenon with final state interactions in deep inelastic scattering, hadronization in the nuclear medium, heavy-ion collisions, and quantum entanglement will be examined. The possibility for new experimental searches including at future facilities such as the EIC will also be discussed. The results of the workshop will be summarized in a report that can serve as a roadmap for the future developments and a guide to areas for possible collaboration.

The scientific program is expected to comprise of review talks as well as more focused talks and separate discussion sessions after the presentations.

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Holly Szumila-Vance
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