Workshop on Sustainable Software Infrastructure for Advanced Nuclear Physics Computing

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  • Workshop on Sustainable Software Infrastructure for Advanced Nuclear Physics Computing
    Aud, F113, F224-5, F324-5, L102
    2024-06-20EDT9:00:00 ~ 2024-06-22EDT15:00:00
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Software and computing have become drivers in Nuclear Physics (NP), due to the explosive growth of scientific data and exascale facilities. Exploitation of these opportunities requires new hardware architectures and new algorithmic approaches at exascale, including those based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

New collaborative efforts have emerged to exploit these opportunities, bringing together NP theorists and experimentalists with data and computer scientists. A common focus of such collaborative efforts is the development of robust, large-scale Software Infrastructure frameworks to support these complex scientific programs. This requires long-term support for such efforts; however, establishment of such mechanisms is challenging. The curation and long-term preservation of data is an important and related issue.

The 2023 NSAC Long Range Plan incorporates a vision for the future of advanced computing for NP research. This workshop will bring together NP computing practitioners to implement this vision, with a focus on identifying mechanisms to achieve long-term, sustainable Software Infrastructure. A key output of the Workshop will be a White Paper presenting community consensus on critical research directions, concerns, and opportunities in this area.

The workshop program will cover a broad range of current software and computing projects in the Nuclear Physics domain. Discussions will include general issues such as the role of research vs. infrastructure software, development of common software ecosystems, software sustainability best practices, and workforce development. Consideration of new opportunities will be in the context of existing and currently planned DOE and NSF programs to support advanced NP computing and cyber-infrastucture.

The program will be inclusive. Please contact the Organizing Committee with proposals for presentations, to help ensure good coverage of current NP advanced computing projects.

The 2.5 day workshop will be held at Jefferson Lab on June 20-22, 2024, running all day on June 20-21 and ending at noon on June 22. Support for the workshop is provided by the DOE Office of Nuclear Physics, to enable widespread community participation. Coverage of  local expenses will be available for some young scientists who are within five years of receiving their PhD.

NOTE: Workshop details and registration will be provided at a later date.

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Organizing Committee

Amber Boehlein (JLab), co-chair
Peter Jacobs (LBNL), co-chair
Joe Carlson (LANL)
Ian Cloet (ANL)
Markus Diefenthaler (JLab)
Robert Edwards (JLab)
Raphael Hix (ORNL)
Thomas Papenbrock (UTK)
Brad Sawatzky (JLab)
Torre Wenaus (BNL)


Event Date
Aud, F113, F224-5, F324-5, L102
Scientific Program
Contact Name
Brad Sawatzky
(757) 269-5947