3rd Annual AI4EIC Workshop - Artificial Intelligence for the Electron-Ion Collider (Catholic University of America)

Conference Date
Conference Location

Catholic University of America, Washington D.C.

Building upon the productive discussions and synergies formed during our previous events, the focus of this workshop will be the active and potential areas of AI/ML applications within the EIC, including ongoing activities in the ePIC experiment and beyond.

The workshop will feature AI/ML tutorial sessions led by experts from academia, national labs, and the industry. We are also excited to announce the second international AI4EIC Hackathon, which will be held on December 1st.

AI/ML is proving to be a fundamental component in all phases of the future EIC, from design and R&D to practical applications. This workshop presents an invaluable opportunity for our community to stay abreast of the ongoing AI/ML projects and plans for the EIC. It's a platform for meaningful discussions on various interdisciplinary topics, fostering collaboration between theorists, experimentalists, accelerator physicists, and AI/ML practitioners.