A.I. for Nuclear Physics Workshop

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March 4, 2020 to March 6, 2020
Conference location: 

Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
12000 Jefferson Avenue
Newport News, VA 23606 USA


The A.I. for Nuclear Physics workshop will explore the ways in which A.I. can be used to advance research in fundamental nuclear physics and in the design and operation of large-scale accelerator facilities. This workshop will explore applications and research needed on several time frames, ranging from immediate benefit, those requiring a longer time scale, with possible interplay with research and development in A.I., and those topics where significant research and development in A.I. is likely essential. The results of the workshop will be summarized in a report that can serve as a roadmap for the future application of A.I. and a guide to areas for possible collaboration. The agenda will include plenary sessions in the mornings to set the scene with targeted breakout sessions in the afternoon. The full agenda is currently under development.

The workshop will be hosted in CEBAF Center at Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Laboratory on March 4-6, 2020.

We especially encourage the participation of junior scientists and are planning an additional activity on March 3, 2020.




Organizing Committee: 

Local Organizing Committee

Workshop Secretariats

  • Pat Stroop (Jefferson Lab) Please contact for all travel related inquiries
    (757) 269-7553
  • Maria Washington (Jefferson Lab) Please contact for workshop related inquiries
    (757) 269-6930