CNF Seminar: Sebouh Paul

CNF Seminar: Sebouh Paul
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CC F113

Speaker: Sebouh Paul (Jefferson Lab)

Title: Measurements of Single and Pair Production of Hadrons in Nuclear SIDIS in the CLAS Experiment

Abstract: I will present recent measurements of semi-inclusive deep-inelastic scattering measurements off nuclei with CLAS, in both single-hadron and double-hadron channels. I will describe how these measurements can constrain the interaction between quarks and cold nuclear matter, and also the nuclear modifications to transverse-momentum dependent parton-distribution functions. I will finalize by describing an upcoming eA scattering experiment with CLAS12 with a higher beam energy and much larger luminosity, as well as planned studies that will further strengthen emerging frameworks to describe these physics, including but not limited to, new Monte-Carlo generators and global QCD analyses.

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